In 'Panchayat 3', this is the story of the tablet due to which Amma ji had to rush to the hospital

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'Panchayat 3' on OTT is tickling people a lot these days. Talking about the actors of this series, from Pradhan ji to Secretary ji, Binod to Banarasi and MLA to Amma ji… every character is wonderful, whose every action makes you laugh and tickle. Till now you must have read and heard a lot about all the characters of this series, in which you must have also heard the story of Amma ji's personal life. Here we are going to tell those things about Amma ji which you have not heard till now. Amma ji has told why she did not get married. How all her teeth fell at the age of 35. Apart from this, she also told the story of the tablet given to her during the 'Man Achha Nahi Lag Raha' scene in 'Panchayat 3'.

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Ammaji of Prime Video's web show 'Panchayat 3' i.e. Abha Sharma started acting at the age of 54. Abha is the niece of famous writer and poet Ram Vilas Sharma. 75-year-old Abha Sharma told that her mother did not like the film industry, she did not like this profession. And despite being interested in acting since childhood, she did not want to go against her mother's wishes.

Abha Sharma never got married because of her mother

Speaking to the Indian Express, Abha Sharma said that after her father, who worked in a telecom company, passed away, she started taking care of her ailing mother. She lived with her mother and never married. She always wanted to become an actress and she obtained a diploma degree from JJ School of Arts and joined teaching in the year 1979.

Teeth fell out at the age of 35, hands and legs started trembling at the age of 45

The actress told that due to infection in the gums, all her teeth fell at the age of just 35. After this, when she turned 45, she got a rare disease due to which her hands and legs started trembling. After this, she joined the theater and then she got her first advertisement of 'Bank of Baroda'. Gradually, she started getting films as well.

Abha Sharma said this on the incident of falling ill

Apart from all this, she also talked about her scene in 'Panchayat 3', which was most discussed. In this scene of the series, Amma tries to get a permanent house from the government and then pretends to be ill during this. Abha told that most of the things related to the scene were explained to her and she was allowed to act on her own.

Abha Sharma told the story of that tablet

She said, 'In one scene, I had to take a pill. I knew that I did not need to take the pill, still I acted. After this, the assistant director thought that I had really taken the pill and he got worried about it. After the shooting, he asked me- have you really taken the pill? I said- no, here is your pill.' He was very impressed with her acting. He told Abha- you are amazing. The actress told that she used to have a lot of fun on the set.

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