'In future, fighting will not be limited to the battlefield only', Air Force Chief VR Choudhary told what the modern era will be like

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Air Force Chief VR Choudhary while addressing the combined graduation parade of 213 officers course at Air Force Academy (AFA) today said that modern warfare is not just confined to the battlefield but it is a constantly changing scenario influenced by complex data networks and new cyber technologies. He also said that future wars cannot be fought with the mindset of the past.

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War in the modern era is not just limited to the battlefield

He said modern-age warfare is dynamic and a constantly changing landscape. It is no longer confined to the battlefield. It is increasingly being influenced by complex data networks and advanced cyber technologies. As officers, you all need to adopt, innovate and leverage technology effectively to prove decisive in winning the war. Choudhary said efficiency, aggression and initiative are the three most admirable qualities in an officer and at the same time there is also a need for officers who are thought leaders. As you embark on this extraordinary journey, let the core values ​​of the Indian Air Force – mission, integrity and excellence – be your guide. For us, mission accomplishment is of utmost importance for the men and women in uniform. It is important to maintain the direction, efficiency and overall success of an organisation.

Air Force chief gave this special suggestion

He also suggested that they should inculcate a habit of reading and it will benefit them immensely. The more you read, the better you will understand the complexities of your field. A well-read person is able to adapt and lead with clarity in the face of the unknown. He said that while acquiring professional knowledge is paramount, the newly commissioned officers must also hone their skills in other areas. He spoke about integrity and how making ethical choices, maintaining the highest standards of conduct and leading by example will inspire trust and loyalty among team members. 'Wings' were awarded to Flight Cadets, officers from the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and friendly foreign countries who successfully completed their flying training at the ceremony.

Speaking on the IAF's vision statement 'People First, Mission Always', Choudhary urged the newly commissioned officers to earn the respect of their subordinates and peers through professional competence, physical and moral courage, character and empathy. The CGP marks the successful completion of training of 235 flight cadets of the flying and ground duty branches of the IAF. Choudhary was the reviewing officer and conferred the 'President's Commission' to the graduating flight cadets on successful completion of their training. The graduating officers include 22 women officers who have been commissioned in various branches of the IAF, a defence release said.

On the occasion, nine officers of Indian Navy, nine officers of Indian Coast Guard and one officer from friendly foreign country were also awarded 'Wings' on successful completion of flying training. This is also the first CGP where 25 cadets who joined National Defence Academy for 'Ground Duty' branches four years ago were commissioned as officers. The Reviewing Officer presented various awards to the graduating officers who excelled in various disciplines of training. Flying Officer Happy Singh of Flying Branch was awarded 'President's Plaque' and Chief of Air Staff's 'Sword of Honour' for standing first in overall merit order in Pilot Course, the release said. Flying Officer Taufiq Raza was awarded 'President's Plaque' for standing first in overall merit order in Ground Duty Officers Course, the release said.

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