Imran told- this thing causes cancer, he found out after his son's illness, the whole country is happily eating it

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Cancer has taken many Bollywood stars in its grip. Nowadays, the cases of this dangerous disease are increasing at a rocket speed. Emraan Hashmi's son Ayan was also diagnosed with first stage cancer in 2014. After 5 years, he won this battle completely. But during this time, the actor came to know about the thing that causes cancer. He threw him out of the house.

Why do humans get cancer? The second part of the first season of Emraan Hashmi's drama series Showtime has come on OTT. When he reached Aaj Tak news channel to promote it, he gave very important information about the causes of cancer. He told how cancer occurs and what things you should keep in mind to avoid it. The most important thing is that the whole country is enjoying this thing.
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Genes are the first enemies

The actor told in the interview that when his son Ayan was diagnosed with cancer, he had to gather a lot of information. During this, he came to know that there is a genetic history in the family which causes cancer. You cannot control it. But it can be fought. In which the environmental causes of cancer have to be kept right.

Do these things strictly

According to the actor, your eating habits, diet, health level, fitness, sleep all together become environmental factors. Even if there is a risk of cancer in your family history, you can reduce the risk by keeping these things right. We do not even know that there are many things in our food that can cause cancer.

5 early signs of cancer

cancer causing substance

cancer causing substance

The actor said that sugar is a major cause of cancer. When we came to know about it, we completely removed sugar from our food. We do not eat sugar in anything at home. Search It also explains the relationship between the two. This is the most effective way to avoid cancer.

5 years cancer free

Sugar increases tumor growth

Sugar increases tumor growth

Emraan Hashmi says that if you ask any doctor, he will also tell you that sugar is one of the main causes of cancer. Citing a research, he said that experts have found that eating sugar increases the speed of growth of cancer tumors.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more information.

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