If your husband makes fun of his in-laws, then these methods will work and you will also start respecting them

Ananya Shroff
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It is often seen that after marriage, many husbands start making fun of their wife's parents. Even though it may be less in the beginning, but gradually it increases so much that after a while your words can become very painful for your wife.

If your husband also makes fun of your family members and even after you tell him many times, it does not have any effect on him, then this article of ours is especially for you. Today we are going to tell you about some such methods, after adopting which he will start respecting your parents.

keep calm and speak sensibly

It often happens that whenever husbands make fun of their wives, the wives get angry and stop talking. In such a situation, they start making fun of them intentionally to have fun.

Therefore, it is important that you keep your mind calm and talk to your husband. Tell him how bad you feel about these things. Also tell him how much your family and their respect means to you. When you explain to your husband lovingly, he will definitely understand and respect your parents.

Do not share your maternal details

Many times it happens that we share the happiness and sorrows of our maternal home with our husband, but sometimes the opposite also happens, especially when you tell your husband about the shortcomings of your family members. In such a situation, many husbands forcibly grow some hair and start making fun of them. It would be better if you do not reveal the evils or shortcomings of your maternal home to your husband.

Encourage your husband to spend time with his parents

Encourage your husband to spend time with his parents

It is said that our bond with those we live with grows stronger. So, the more time your husband spends with your parents, the better he will get to know them and start respecting them.

If you want, you can plan to take them out for dinner or lunch with your parents and siblings. This will build a good relationship of your husband with his in-laws and he will stop making fun of them and will respect them.

Respect for in-laws

Respect for in-laws

Many times, one of the reasons for your husband making fun of your in-laws is that you also do not respect their relationships. The result is that he also makes fun of your family members and does not respect them.

Therefore, you should also respect your in-laws and if even then your husband makes fun of your parents then explain to him that when you are respecting his parents and other family members then it is his duty to respect your family members too.

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