If your child learns these things from Sundar Pichai, then no one will be able to stop him from becoming a millionaire

Ananya Shroff
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stay curious

Sundar Pichai's curiosity about technology led him to study engineering and eventually reach a giant company like Google. Children are also naturally curious. Parents should encourage their curiosity instead of suppressing it. Encourage them to ask questions, help them understand complex things and awaken their desire to learn.

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never forget your roots

Despite immense success, Sundar Pichai is down to earth and is known for his humility. Teach children that it is important to stay grounded even after success. Teach them to respect their roots, their family and the environment around them. Despite being such a big personality and being famous in the country and abroad, Sundar Pichai is connected to India.

never underestimate education

Sundar Pichai's education has played an important role in shaping his future. Explain to children that education not only helps them build a successful career, but education is also necessary to become a responsible and aware citizen. Encourage the child to constantly learn and acquire knowledge.

Flexibility and always thinking big

Success in life is often achieved only after overcoming challenges. Sundar Pichai's story teaches us that we should not be afraid of failures, but should learn from them and move forward. Encourage children to face failures and overcome them.

Big achievements often start with ambitious goals. Inspire children to dream big and achieve them. Make them believe that nothing is impossible with hard work and determination.

Promote collaboration and teamwork

No individual can reach the heights of success alone. Teamwork and collaboration have played a vital role in Sundar Pichai's success. Teach children the skills of collaboration, working together with others, and communicating well with everyone.

Photo Courtesy: Pexels

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