If you want to look like the most beautiful mother-in-law, then do makeup like Nita Ambani

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There is no doubt that as Nita Ambani is getting older, her beauty is also increasing. From engagement to all the rituals of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding, every look of Nita has been such that everyone becomes a fan of her beauty.

One special thing about Radhika's mother-in-law is that she does makeup in such a way that the natural glow of the face remains intact. In such a situation, if you also want to look the most beautiful mother-in-law in your son or daughter's wedding, then you can do makeup like Nita Ambani and can even surpass your mother-in-law in beauty. So let us tell you what kind of makeup the owner of crores likes and how you can try it on your face. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @manishmalhotra05)

How to do makeup with dark pink lehenga

Nita Ambani has kept her makeup light with every outfit, which shows that she is quite updated with today's makeup style. So if you also want to become the number one mother-in-law, then choose similar light makeup. Let us tell you that you can apply lipstick shade according to your skin tone. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @ritikahairstylist)

Learn from Neeta how to do makeup for a red saree

Nita Ambani kept her makeup base to be that of a normal skin tone for the red saree. Since red is a very bright colour, understanding the colour contrast, Radhika's mother-in-law chose a nude shade of coffee as the lipstick shade.

Also, to highlight the eyes, she used kajal, eyeliner and brownish eyeliner and used dark brown pencil on the eyebrows. Due to which the look of the eyebrows looked very natural. If you also want to beat all your in-laws with your makeup, then you can do makeup like Nita Ambani. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @mickeycontractor)

You will look glowing like this in a pink lehenga

You will look glowing like this in a pink lehenga

If you are also going to wear a pink lehenga in your son's wedding function like Nita, then you can try this kind of glossy makeup. Nowadays nude shade of lipstick is quite in trend. In such a situation, instead of dark color, you can apply nude pink color lipstick like Nita. Also, you can enhance your beautiful face even more with blush and eyeshadow of the same shade. Apart from this, you can also use mascara and highlighter. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @ritikahairstylist)

How to get a golden glow in a gold coloured outfit

How to get a golden glow in a gold coloured outfit

Moving away from red and pink, Nita wore a golden Hyderabadi style kurta set for her son Anant's haldi. It is not necessary to wear extra makeup every time. You can also carry a matte makeup look like Nita.

Wearing a caramel nude shade lipstick, Nita has also applied the same shade of eyeshadow on her eyes, which you too can carry with your look. If you want, you can also apply a soft brown and coffee color shade on your lips. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @manishmalhotra05)

Do makeup like this in light coloured clothes and dresses

Do makeup like this in light coloured clothes and dresses

Nita looked very beautiful in a light pink and light green lehenga. You can see that Nita kept the makeup light in all her looks and used kajal and eyeliner to highlight the eyes. Along with this, she applied creamy pink sand nude lipstick on her lips.

We usually wear a bindi that matches the saree, but if you want a different look, then like Neeta, wear a bindi on your forehead that matches your jewellery. Apart from this, you can also wear a bindi of a similar colour to your blouse or dupatta and look more beautiful than your son or daughter's mother-in-law. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @manishmalhotra05)

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