If you want to get plants for free, then go to these 15 nurseries in Delhi and pick up all the plants including rose, jasmine

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Nowadays people are very fond of planting trees and plants in their homes, whether you look in your balcony or in your courtyard, you will find all kinds of plants from small to big. It is said that where there are trees and plants, peace, comfort and happiness come first. Although there are many people who are not fond of these, but there are some who are fond of making their home a garden.
For such people, today we have brought for you the government nurseries of Delhi from where you can get plants for free. Yes, not only this, the government has also provided the facility of home delivery. You can order plants online by visiting the official website. Let us then tell you from where and how you can book. (All photo courtesy:dillifreetree.eforest.delhi.gov.in)

The government is working to increase tree plantation

The government is making a lot of efforts to promote greenery. And there are many government departments among them, which are working together to increase the scope of plantation. If you are fond of gardening, then you do not need to spend money to buy plants. The government will give you plants for free, for this you just have to go to the government website and apply online.

Increase greenery around home and office

To increase greenery around home and office, you can order these plants online. The forest department distributes plants for free. The process of ordering plants online is also very easy, you have to go to a website and book them. Let us tell you, the Forest and Wildlife Department of the government provides the facility to order plants for free. The government is running this campaign in the name of Free Tree in Delhi.

How to book plants

How to book plants
  • First of all you have to visit Delhi Free Tree website (https://dillifreetree.eforest.delhi.gov.in).
  • Now press the login option.
  • Complete the registration process by visiting the signup option given below.
  • After that go to the login option and then login with the user ID and password.
  • You can submit the order by filling the required details including nearby nurseries.

Delivery will be done from these 15 nurseries

Delivery will be done from these 15 nurseries
  • Birla Mandir Nursery
  • Brar Square Nursery, Delhi Cantt
  • Hauz Rani City Forest Nursery
  • Mamurpur Nursery
  • Pooth Kalan Nursery
  • Qutubgarh Nursery
  • Rewla Khanpur Nursery
  • Tall Plants & Medicinal Plants Nursery, Tughlakabad
  • Alipur Nursery
  • Anand Vihar Nursery
  • Aravali Modern Forest Nursery, Tughlakabad
  • this nursery
  • Kamla Nehru Ridge Nursery
  • Kharkhadi Jatmal Nursery
  • Kondli Nursery

These things have to be kept in mind

These things have to be kept in mind

While ordering plants online, you have to keep some things in mind. Since the government distributes plants for free, there is a risk of their misuse. Many people waste plants in the name of freebies, so the government has set a limit, based on which you can order plants. A person can take delivery of a maximum of 100 plants. At the same time, RWA / organization etc. will be given delivery of up to 500 plants. If you want to take more number of plants than this, then you will have to take permission from the department.

What types of plants will be included in it?

What types of plants will be included in it?

These also include medicinal plants that increase immunity, among which you will find special plants like Amla, Curry leaves, Aloe vera, Giloy, Neem, Celery, Tulsi, Bel Patra here. Important information, if you want to book plants through the online portal, then you will have to click a selfie and upload it on the portal. With the help of this, the department will be able to keep track of the plants distributed.

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