If you still have a bulging belly at the age of 30, then start drinking the water from this stem, your fat will melt away in a month

Ananya Shroff
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If you still have a bulging belly at the age of 30, then start drinking the water from this stem, your fat will melt away in a month

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Ginger relieves constipation and bloating

A study published in the National Institutes of Health Research According to Dr. Rachna Srivastava, ginger water helps a lot in weight loss. But it will be even more effective if you exercise with it and take the right diet. According to Nutrition Expert Dr. Rachna Srivastava, ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in weight loss and also removes the problem of constipation and inflammation. If an overweight person consumes it regularly, he can easily lose 3-4 kg in a month.

This is how you can drink ginger water to lose weight

Boil ginger in a glass of water, when half the water is left, filter it and drink it.

Soak ginger in a glass of water at night. After waking up in the morning, filter this water and drink it.

Nowadays ginger water is available in the market. It is an extract of ginger. Mixing it in water and drinking it helps in weight loss.

Which ginger is more beneficial- dried or fresh

Which ginger is more beneficial - dried or fresh?

Expert Dr. Rachna Srivastava says that fresh ginger should be used to make ginger water. Fresh ginger is rich in antioxidants. The ratio of vitamins and minerals in it is also correct. Whereas after drying, the nutrients present in ginger decrease. Dried ginger is aromatic, but the amount of vitamins in it decreases. Apart from this, the micronutrients necessary for weight loss are found only in fresh ginger.

When should one drink ginger water?

When should one drink ginger water?

It is beneficial to drink ginger water on an empty stomach in the morning. Apart from this, if you want, you can also consume it half an hour after lunch. Drinking lukewarm ginger water after eating keeps the digestive system healthy and also speeds up the process of weight loss.

Who is Ginger bad for?

Who is Ginger bad for?

Although ginger is beneficial for everyone, people with heart disease, diabetes and gallstones should consult a doctor before consuming ginger. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor first whether it is safe for you or not.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more information.

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