'If you remove Deepika's character then Kalki will no longer be there', said director Nag Ashwin

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The blockbuster film 'Kalki 2898 A.D.' has caught the attention of audiences all over the world after its recent release. Deepika Padukone is in the lead role in this futuristic epic film, in which her acting has been highly praised. Talking about the most talked about scene of the film, it is the fire scene in which Deepika is present.

Ever since Kalki 2898 AD has released in theatres, audiences have been calling Deepika the soul of the film. Fans and critics have praised Deepika's strong presence and amazing performance in the film. Deepika Padukone's walkthrough scene that went viral after the film's release has beautifully touched audiences around the world. This amazing scene has made many call her the new 'Khaleesi', comparing her to the iconic character from 'Game of Thrones'.

Deepika conducted herself with utmost restraint

In a recent interview, director Nag Ashwin himself called this scene his favorite in the entire film. He said, 'The visual of that scene and the way Deepika presented herself with so much restraint is amazing. I told her that if everything goes well, the poster of this film will probably live longer than both of us.'

That’s the most important part of the story

Nag Ashwin was forthright in emphasising Deepika's pivotal role. He said that a lot of discussions during the writing process highlighted the importance of her character. He said, “She is the most important part of the story. We discussed it a lot when we were writing. I think the simplest answer that came to us was, whose character can you remove and the story won't be there? And that became Deepika's character. Because if you remove her character, the story won't be there. Kalki won't be there.”

Deepika is the soul of the blockbuster hit

This statement from the director clearly sums up what fans have been feeling since the film's release. That is, Deepika Padukone is not just a part of 'Kalki 2898 A.D.', she is its essence. 'Kalki 2898 A.D.' is attracting audiences, Deepika's role will undoubtedly be remembered as the soul of this blockbuster hit.

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