If you raise your child like Neeta Ambani, then people will never point fingers at your upbringing

Ananya Shroff
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If you raise your child like Neeta Ambani, then people will never point fingers at your upbringing

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spend time with family

No matter how busy Nita is with her work and social service, she gives top priority to her family. For her, taking out time for family is the most important thing. For this, she can even leave her job. This is as it should be because spending time with family creates memorable moments for a lifetime.

Giving freedom to children

Nita Ambani believes in giving freedom to her children. She believes that children should fulfill their dreams but they should also get guidance from time to time. Along with this, whenever the child needs help, support him and be with him.

are ideal

Nita is not just a mother to her children but also their role model. She gives a lot of importance to work and inspired by her, her children also do excellent work. If you want to inculcate a good habit or quality in your child, then first adopt that habit in front of him. This will make the child learn it himself.

believes in learning

Nita Ambani believes in learning. She believes that children learn high values ​​from school. She wanted her children to grow personally through learning. That is, her children should learn and move forward in their lives. She wants her children to experience their lives themselves.

Mental health is important

She believes that mental health is as important as physical health. She has taught her children to maintain a balance between the two. You too should teach your child to pay attention to mental and physical health from an early age.

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