If this condition is not fulfilled, SBI debit card will not be issued again.

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State Bank of India Debit Card: Re-issuance Guidelines

SBI debit card

State Bank of India (SBI) has recently provided vital information concerning the re-issuance of debit cards. The bank has emphasized that when your debit or ATM card reaches its expiration date, it will be reissued and sent to your registered address only under specific conditions. Failure to meet these conditions will necessitate a visit to the nearest SBI branch for the application of a new debit card.

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This announcement was prompted by a customer’s complaint about the non-issuance of their debit card. The customer, a long-standing SBI account holder of over a decade, had recently encountered the expiry of their debit card. However, contrary to their expectation of receiving a replacement, they were instructed by the bank branch to initiate a fresh application. This grievance was brought to light by the customer on Twitter.

Conditions for Re-issuance of SBI Debit or ATM Card

SBI operates on a set of conditions that dictate the automatic reissuance of a debit card to customers’ registered addresses. Should these conditions remain unfulfilled, the customer is required to personally visit the bank branch, accompanied by KYC documents, to apply for a new debit or ATM card.

The conditions encompass:

  1. Non-Financial Inclusion Account: If your account falls outside the category of Financial Inclusion Accounts.
  2. Recent Card Usage: A debit card that has been utilized at least once within the past 12 months.
  3. PAN Linkage: The customer’s PAN card is linked to the respective account.

SBI’s Response

In response to the customer’s concern, SBI elaborated on the process of debit card issuance. The bank revealed that three months ahead of the card’s expiration, a fresh card is dispatched to the customer’s registered mobile number. Should the customer have adhered to the aforementioned conditions, the reissued debit card will be dispatched accordingly. However, if these conditions have not been met, the customer will need to initiate a new application.


SBI’s re-issuance guidelines for debit cards are designed to streamline the process of card renewal. By adhering to the specified conditions, customers can ensure the automatic delivery of their new debit cards to their registered addresses. SBI’s proactive approach in sending reminders and replacement cards contributes to a smoother banking experience for its customers.

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