If the child sleeps for even an hour less, he will fall ill and you will have to pay a hefty fee to the doctor

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Sleep is very important for everyone. It makes you feel refreshed and energetic. Sleep is also very important for children as it helps them grow. If your child sleeps even for an hour less, it can harm his physical and mental development.

Yes, in this article we are telling you how sleeping even for one hour less can harm your child's health and why it is important for your child to get adequate sleep. So let's know why sleep is important for children.

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This has been revealed in the study

A new study published in JAMA Network Open has found that poor sleep can affect children's health, reducing their chances of doing well in school and diminishing their quality of life. Although many studies have been carried out on children with sleep disorders, in this study researchers analysed what happens when healthy children compromise their sleep.

What happened in the research

The children involved were part of another study called DREAM (Daily Rest, Feeding and Activity Monitoring). In this study, children were asked to alternate between short and long sleep periods every week. There was a gap of one week in between. In total, 100 healthy children aged 8 to 12 years who did not have any sleep problems participated in the 2022 study.

What happens if you sleep less than an hour?

What happens if you sleep less than an hour?

In this, the children were asked to sleep one hour late or one hour early. In both cases, the children woke up at their normal time. The researchers asked the children and parents of both the groups some questions about the quality of their health.

This study has shown that lack of sleep for even a week can impair a child's quality of life. This affects the child's physical health and makes it difficult for him to adjust to the school environment.

Why pay attention to the study results?

Why pay attention to the study results?

Many parents think that it is okay if the child sleeps an hour late. Maybe he is busy with school work or watching a movie or something else. However, children's sleep should be taken seriously and they should sleep at the same time every day.

How to help the child?

How to help the child?

It is important that your child gets enough sleep every day according to his age. There should be a fixed time for sleeping and waking up every day. It is important to stay away from screens and devices during these days to get good sleep. Avoid the blue light of screens at night. It signals the brain to stay awake.

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