If someone dies during the Haj pilgrimage, the body is not taken back…you will close your ears after listening to what Saudi Arabia says

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All of you must be aware that people are dying during Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Right now, information about the death of 1301 Haj pilgrims due to the scorching heat is coming to the fore. It is also being told that 83 percent of the pilgrims were unregistered, who came to Mecca city from a long distance to complete the Haj rituals in the scorching heat. Every year hundreds of Haj pilgrims lose their lives during the Haj pilgrimage, in such a situation, the question of the people is whether these Haj pilgrims get compensation or not or why the body is not sent back. If you also want to know, then let us tell you some interesting things about this country.

How much compensation do people who die during Hajj get?

If a person dies during the Haj pilgrimage, he is not given any kind of compensation. In the law related to Haj in Saudi Arabia, it is clearly written that if a person dies during Haj, his body is not sent to his country but is buried in Saudi itself.

The bodies of the dead are not sent to the country

Let us tell you, while preparing for Haj pilgrimage, every person signs an application form related to Haj, in which it is clearly written that if he dies on the soil of Saudi Arabia, then his body will be buried there. During that time, no objection of his family or relatives will be accepted. It is clear that if a person dies during the Haj pilgrimage, then he is not sent back to his country, in such a situation, even if the relatives of the person who died during the Haj pilgrimage want to bring his body back to their country, they will not get permission for this.

Dying in Mecca is considered sacred

Dying in Mecca is considered sacred

Mecca is considered the most sacred place in the Muslim religion. Along with this, it is also believed in the Muslim community that being buried in the soil of Mecca and Medina is a matter of good fortune for them. Many people who go on Hajj want that if death comes, it should come during this journey, so that the soul can get peace after death.

There is no bar on the grave

There is no bar on the grave

There is no rule for building or buying a grave in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, no plaque is placed on the grave. However, the grave number of the deceased is written in the cemetery register, based on which family members can later identify the grave and visit it.

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