'If I tell the truth, I won't be able to show my face', Anurag cornered Abhay Deol, also replied to Pankaj Jha

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Anurag Kashyap, who has made excellent films like 'Dev D' and 'Gangs of Wasseypur', is in the headlines these days for his new film 'Bad Cop'. Gulshan Devaiah is also working with him in this film. The rift between Anurag Kashyap and Abhay Deol is old. There has been bitterness between the two since 'Dev D'. Abhay Deol had even said in an interview that Anurag is a 'liar and poisonous' person. Something similar was also done recently by 'Panchayat' fame actor Pankaj Jha. He targeted Anurag Kashyap and said that he is a 'coward' and does not have a 'backbone'. Now Anurag has responded to the displeasure of both. Especially about Abhay Deol, the director said that if he tells the truth, then the 'Dev D' actor will not be able to show his face anywhere. Anurag Kashyap said in an interview to YouTuber Janice Siqueira, 'If I tell the truth, he (Abhay) will not even have the courage to show his face.' Anurag was asked if he is bad at 'keeping relationships'? To this he replied, 'I am not bad at keeping relationships. I have not met Abhay since the shooting of 'Dev D'. He did not even come for promotions and since then he has never spoken to me.'

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'Abhay Deol doesn't have the courage to speak the truth'

Anurag further says, 'If he wants to call me toxic, then it is okay. This is his own story. But the truth cannot be told, because if I tell the truth, he will not be able to show his face. There is so much truth behind this whole incident that even Abhay will not be able to muster the courage to talk about it. And I will not talk about it, because it will seem useless.'

'Don't know what happened to Pankaj Jha'

The celebrated director also discussed casting Pankaj Tripathi in Gangs of Wasseypur instead of Pankaj Jha without informing him. He said, “With Pankaj Jha, I don't know what it is. It just seems to be a misunderstanding… It's been a long time. All I remember is that Pankaj Jha went to the Osho Ashram and he wasn't into acting then. He was into painting. I wanted to cast him, but he disappeared. He was busy. I was making the film on a very low budget, I had to get someone and Pankaj Tripathi was cast at the last minute. It's a simple thing.”

'Pankaj Jha has been in trouble for 14 years, why did he not speak up then?'

Anurag further says, 'I am now hearing that Pankaj Jha is upset after 14 years. Why is he upset after such a long time? He should have been upset then, no? I had this thing in my mind that Pankaj Jha is in Osho's ashram. In a way, he had taken sanyaas, was doing painting. I did not know that he was still acting. He returned to acting with 'Panchayat'. I do not know what happened to him in between. He never called me. I do not know why he is so upset.'

Pankaj Jha, who was removed from 'Gangs of Wasseypur', took a dig at Anurag Kashyap – he is a coward, he has a weak spine
Pankaj Jha again took a dig at Pankaj Tripathi, 'MLA ji' will be shocked to hear the reaction of 'Kaaleen Bhaiya'!

Pankaj Jha had said this for Anurag

Earlier, Pankaj Jha had said in an interview to 'Digital Commentary' that he was removed from 'Gangs of Wasseypur' without any notice. He had then said that Anurag cast Pankaj Tripathi in his place. Anurag is unable to put his point across, he is very 'timid' and does not have a 'backbone'.

Why is there a war between Anurag Kashyap and Abhay Deol?

Similarly, Abhay Deol had called the filmmaker 'liar and poisonous' in an interview. This statement of Abhay came when Anurag had said in an interview that during the making of 'Dev D', Abhay had shown a lot of tantrums. He used to pretend to be from the Deol family and demanded facilities like luxurious hotels for himself, apart from the cast and crew.

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