If BJP lost in Ayodhya, why is the public angry with Sonu Nigam? Are you also a victim of misunderstanding?

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The decision of the public in the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 was shocking. Especially in Ayodhya, where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has lost. Lallu Singh has faced a crushing defeat from Faizabad. Here Samajwadi Party (SP) candidate Awadhesh Prasad has won by more than 56 thousand votes. Well. Amidst all this, the public is angry at singer Sonu Nigam. One of his tweets has created a stir on social media. But all this happened due to a misunderstanding. Have you also fallen victim to this! After the defeat of BJP in the Ayodhya Lok Sabha seat, a tweet was made from a Twitter (now X) account named Sonu Nigam, which created a ruckus on social media. It is written in this tweet, 'The government which made the whole of Ayodhya shine, gave a new airport, railway station, built the Ram temple after 500 years, created the entire temple economy, that party is struggling on the Ayodhya seat. Shameful for the people of Ayodhya!'

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See Sonu Nigam's viral tweet

Sonu Nigam's tweet on Ayodhya

Sonu Nigam's tweet goes viral after BJP's defeat in Ayodhya

People got angry after seeing the tweet and started abusing the singer

As soon as this tweet went viral on social media, people started criticizing singer Sonu Nigam. One wrote, 'Did you even get a chance to sing a song? Have you ever met the people whose houses were demolished or are you singing a fake song? You should be ashamed. When you don't know anything, you should not sing.' Another commented, 'People like you are not going to earn lakhs of rupees by singing songs. People have understood that ringing the temple bell will not run the house. Rest you hateful Nigam are wise yourself.'

What is the truth?

Sonu Nigam Singh Tweet

Sonu Nigam Singh Twitter Bio

Now let us tell you that those who are cursing singer Sonu Nigam thinking that this tweet is his, are victims of misunderstanding. Actually, this Twitter account is not of Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam but of Sonu Nigam Singh. Sonu Nigam Singh is a lawyer by profession and hails from Bihar. This Twitter account has nothing to do with singer Sonu Nigam, but since it is verified and the name on the account is written as 'Sonu Nigam', people are getting deceived.

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