'I can't climb the mountain alone…' Rohit's motivational speech before the final

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'I can't climb the mountain alone…' Rohit's motivational speech before the final


Rohit Sharma compares teammates to oxygen ahead of final Surya told how captain Rohit prepared the players for the final

New Delhi. Team India, captained by Rohit Sharma, has created history by winning the T20 World Cup. The Indian team captured this trophy for the second time. In the thrilling final against South Africa, the Indian team played brilliantly at crucial moments. In the final, Suryakumar Yadav made a splash in fielding, while Hardik Pandya bowled brilliantly in the last overs and put the title in India's bag. After the team became the champion, Suryakumar Yadav has revealed what the captain had said to his players before the final against South Africa. Surya has said that Rohit had called the teammates oxygen before the title match. The captain had said that I cannot climb the mountain alone without oxygen.

Speaking to the Indian Express, Suryakumar Yadav said, 'He (Rohit) told us to keep it simple. But he said that I cannot climb this mountain alone. If I have to reach the summit, I will need everyone's oxygen.' Surya has told that before the start we decided that we would not talk about what is going to happen next in the tournament. No one had thought about the Super 8 and the same was thought for the final to be held in Barbados. Our mind should be where our feet are.

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Surya turned the match around by catching Miller in the last over
Suryakumar Yadav almost ensured India's victory by catching David Miller in the last over of the final against South Africa. Miller tried to hit a six on the first ball of Hardik Pandya's last over but Surya took a brilliant catch just a few yards from the boundary. People are praising Surya's excellent catch. Regarding this catch, Surya says that he did not think about it.

I will always remember David Miller's catch: Surya
Suryakumar further said about Rohit that Rohit always supports the players in difficult times. According to Surya, 'The players know very well that Rohit will support them in difficult situations. Similarly, the players also think that I have to perform well for the captain. Rohit keeps the morale of all the players high and keeps increasing their confidence. Surya said that he will always remember Miller's catch.

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