Hundreds of rotis are made at once using a special technique in Ambani's house, know how the machine works

Ananya Shroff
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The machine will knead the dough itself

As much as work becomes easy with this roti making machine, its use is also as simple. Because with its help you will not even need to knead the dough to make roti. A part of the machine also does the work of kneading the dough, you just have to add flour in a certain proportion and salt as per taste. After this, keep adding water slowly as per the need, the machine will knead the dough in a short time.

Now, round roti will be made

After kneading the dough, you have to put it in the machine, it will automatically make dough balls. After this, perfectly shaped round rotis will be made without a rolling pin. All the rotis made in the machine have the same shape. Because of which they also look good. They are not thick or thin but perfect.

Hundreds of rotis will be made at once

Hundreds of rotis will be made at once

By the way, let us tell you that there are two reasons for making rotis from a machine at Mukesh Ambani's house. One is cleanliness and the second reason is that hundreds of servants work in the Antilia building. Rotis for all of them are also made from this machine. Now if we talk about baking the roti after it is made, then the chapati comes out automatically after being baked from the machine.

how to make soft roti without machine

how to make soft roti without machine

Well, if fewer rotis are made in your house and you do not want to use the machine, then you can make soft rotis even without it, for this you will have to follow these tips.

  • Kneading the dough with lukewarm water instead of cold water keeps it soft.
  • To make soft roti the dough should also be kneaded till it becomes soft.
  • The dough should be kneaded at least 20 to 30 minutes before making the roti.
  • While making rotis, keep in mind that they should not be thin in the middle, then bake them on medium flame.

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