'Humare Barah' will be released on Friday, due to the controversy HC fined the makers for 'free publicity'

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Annu Kapoor's controversial film 'Humare Barah' has finally got the green signal for release. The film will now release in theatres on Friday, June 21. The makers have made three changes in the film, after which the Bombay High Court has allowed it to be shown. After a thorough review of the film, the court has said in its order that there is nothing objectionable against the Quran or the Muslim community in the film. Not only this, instead the court has found that the purpose of the film is 'women empowerment'. The court said that three dialogues of the film have been changed and all other controversial parts have been removed. The High Court bench also advised the makers to do separate editing to ensure this. For example, in a scene of the film, a character threatens to kill his daughter by taking the name of God. The court suggested that this line can be removed, as it will not compromise creative freedom.

The bench of Justice BP Colabawala and Firdaus Pooniwala said that Annu Kapoor's film is a 'thought-provoking thing' and it has not been made for mindless entertainment. Let us tell you that a petition was also filed in the Supreme Court regarding the film. After which the Supreme Court had asked the High Court to hear the case soon.

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'Three dialogues were muted in the film'

The court said, “Three dialogues have been muted. This film is actually for the upliftment of women. In the film, a Maulana misinterprets the Quran and in the same scene, a Muslim man objects to it. This shows that people should use their mind and discretion and should not blindly trust such Maulanas.”

'Humare Barah' was earlier scheduled to release on June 7

The court also addressed the petitioners' concerns about the film, claiming that the film is derogatory to Muslims and misrepresents Islamic teachings. Earlier, 'Humare Barah' was scheduled to release on June 7. But due to these objections, the film's release was stopped. The objectionable content was removed from the film on the instructions of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). In such a situation, when the court reviewed it, it did not find any basis to ban the film or stop its release.

High Court imposed fine on the makers, money will go to charity

The Bombay High Court held that the trailer of the film was released before the censor board certificate and this created unnecessary controversy and the matter reached the court. The court said that this gave 'free negative publicity' to the film. Therefore, the court imposed a fine on the filmmakers and ordered them to donate this money to charity.

Supreme Court stays the release of Annu Kapoor's 'Humare Barah', says- the trailer is so objectionable, what will be the film
The ban on 'Humare Barah' may be lifted, Bombay High Court said- release it after removing these 3 dialogues

The High Court said- the Indian public is not so naive or foolish

“You have to pay the fine to a charity of the petitioner's choice. This lawsuit has given free publicity to the film. We don't think there is anything in the film that would incite violence. If we had thought so, we would have been the first to oppose it. The Indian public is not that naïve or stupid,” the court said.

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