How much money will the team winning the T20 World Cup get? This time the highest prize money; The losing team is also included in the number one list

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ICC T20 World Cup Prize Money: India and South Africa will face each other in the final match of the T20 World Cup (India vs South Africa Final 2024). The Indian team has reached the final of the T20 World Cup after 10 years. India last reached the T20 final in the year 2014, when it had to face defeat from Sri Lanka. This time the T20 World Cup match (T20 World Cup 2024) was played in America and West Indies. A total of 20 teams participated. India and South Africa made it to the final by defeating everyone.

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Highest prize money this time?
The T20 World Cup is historic in many ways. For example, this time the prize money has been kept the highest compared to all the T20 World Cups played so far. According to the ICC, a total fund of US $ 11.25 million has been allocated for the ninth edition of the T20 World Cup. In rupee terms, this amount is about Rs 93.80 crore.

What will the T20 World Cup winner get?
The team that wins the T20 World Cup (T20 World Cup 2024) will get 2.45 million US dollars. This is around 20.42 crores in rupees. Apart from this, a glittering trophy will also be given.

What will the T20 World Cup runner-up get?
A huge prize money has also been fixed for the runner-up team. The team losing the World Cup will get 1.28 million dollars i.e. 10.67 crore rupees. This amount is almost half compared to the winning team.

What will the rest of the teams get?
This is about the T20 World Cup winning and runner-up teams. But a good amount has been fixed for all the teams participating in the tournament. For example, a prize money of $787,500 has been fixed for the team that gets eliminated from the semi-finals. The teams that get eliminated in the Super 8 will get $382,500 i.e. Rs 3.8 crore. Similarly, the teams that finish 9th to 12th will be given a prize money of $247,500 i.e. Rs 2.6 crore. The teams that finish 13th to 20th will get a prize money of $225,000 i.e. Rs 1.87 crore.

The team also gets money for every win
Apart from the prize money, money will also be given for winning each match. According to the ICC, the team will get an amount of $ 31,154 or Rs 26 lakh for winning each match. However, this does not include the semi-final or final match (ICC T20 World Cup).

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How does the ICC determine the prize money?
According to a report published on Medium, the ICC takes into account many things while deciding the prize money of each tournament. Such as how much the rights of that tournament were sold for and how many sponsors are associated. According to Disney+ Hotstar, this time 19 companies are sponsors of the T20 World Cup. These include Dream 11, Maruti, Samsung India and Vimal. While deciding the prize money, it is also seen how much importance the tournament has in the world of sports and what economy is associated with it. Economy means the number of viewers etc.

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