How did BJP's blooming lotus start to wilt, which mistake proved costly? Know everything

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: BJP had set a target of crossing 370 but BJP could not come close to majority on its own. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's victory margin in Varanasi was 1,52513. Why did BJP's lotus, which looked so confident before the elections, start to wilt?

Benefits of free ration affected by inflation
BJP had focused on the beneficiaries of the central government scheme. BJP also got the benefit of free ration scheme but the impact of inflation reduced this benefit. People were upset with inflation and were also constantly discussing it but in the elections BJP did not address this issue which disappointed the people. BJP workers themselves kept complaining about inflation but it was ignored.

Unemployment was rampant
During the entire election, the youth in almost every state kept talking about unemployment and calling it the biggest issue. Unemployment was already there, but the situation worsened after Covid. The private jobs that were there earlier, ended during Covid. Many small shops and small businesses came to a standstill. This situation was seen in any mall or factory. But the BJP kept praising the better management of Covid and did not talk about employment. The opposition raised this issue. The youth were also upset about giving different exams and waiting for their results and then the exams getting cancelled.

Agniveer's fire
Ever since the new scheme of recruitment in the army, Agneepath, has been implemented, it has been facing opposition from the youth. This also became an important issue in the elections. The youth was angry with this and the Congress had promised in its manifesto that if it came to power, it would abolish this scheme and implement the old recruitment process. The fire of Agniveer also scorched the lotus of BJP.

From statement to candidate
Questions were also raised on the selection of BJP candidates at many places. Voting was done on different issues in every state and no single national issue dominated. BJP did not benefit from continuous rhetoric on Ram Mandir. After some BJP leaders talked about changing the constitution, the opposition made it an issue and said that they want to end reservation and doubts also arose in the minds of the people.

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