Hindware Atlantic Kweik_1.5kW Portable Wall Mount Water Heater With Thermostat and Shockproof Super Safe Shield Design and Overheat Protection ( Grey )

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Price: ₹2,590 - ₹1,695.00
(as of Jul 05, 2024 21:52:37 UTC – Details)

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From the manufacturer






Dry Heat Protection

Fast reactivity sensor working in any conditions. Product is safe even if it’s kept ON for a longer time

Over Heat Protection

Our concept provide a overheat protection to keep water at comfort and safe temperature.

Auto cut off Feature

Product will automatically get cut off when desired Temp. is reached. Red Light on Product will automatically get switch off to indicate the same




Smart Indicators

Automatically come to know that water is heated up. No need to put the hand in the bucket to check the temperature

Safe Shield

Shield design acts as a fence between the hot parts and the user or the objects. Thus preventing/protecting from direct contact

Standalone Heating

Handle to hold and move the product safely. The product can stand alone during use (in bucket) and after use (on the ground)


Standalone Design: A electric portable water heater with an stand alone design that makes it to stand without any support (during and after use)
Shock Proof: A shockproof water heater which protects you in case you accidently touch the heating water while product is in operation
Water Proof: It is IPX7 certified waterproof, that means the product is safe even if it falls in the water (up to 1 meter during 30min)
Heating Indicators: With its power and heating indicators, you will automatically come to know that the water is heated without putting your hand in the bucket to check temperature
Dry Heat Protection:This portable water heater is safe even when it is kept ON for a longer time, without any risk of burn or fire and thus has an extended lifetime
Heats Evenly: Longer product with Shield design generates a water mixing effect which makes the water to heat up homogeneously at comfortable temperature (no additional mixing required)
Over Heat Protection: It is protected even if the temperature increases beyond the safe limit to avoid burn damage
Auto Cut-Off: This electric portable water heater will automatically get cut-off when desired temperature is reached. A red light on will automatically gets switched off to indicate the same

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