High Court bans release of Aamir Khan's son's film 'Maharaj', accused of hurting Hindu sentiments

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The Gujarat High Court on Thursday stayed the release of Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan's debut film 'Maharaj'. A Hindu group had filed a petition claiming that the film would incite violence against the followers of the Hindu sect. Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra and produced by Aditya Chopra, the film was scheduled to release on Netflix on June 14. But at present its release date has been put on hold. The petition has been filed keeping in mind the devotees of Lord Krishna and the followers of Vallabhacharya. The petition alleges that the film is apparently based on the Maharaj defamation case of 1862, which is likely to spoil the social atmosphere and incite violence against the followers of the sect and Hinduism.

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'Maharaj' will not release now

According to the petition, the Maharaj defamation case of 1862 pertained to allegations of misconduct by a person and was decided by the judges of the Supreme Court of Bombay. Hinduism condemns it. It contains 'very reprehensible things' against Lord Krishna. It also condemns devotional songs and hymns.

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accused of hurting religious sentiments

The group also argued that the film was being released in a secretive manner without a trailer so that people would not have access to the story. It was also argued that their religious sentiments would be seriously hurt if such a film was allowed to be released. Justice Sangeeta Vishen of the Gujarat High Court considered the arguments of the Pushti Margis and passed an interim order to stop the release of the film in any way. Now the case is to be heard on June 18.

'Boycott Netflix' trend on social media

Meanwhile, 'Boycott Netflix' is trending on social media, with many coming out against the move and claiming that Netflix is ​​promoting 'anti-Hindu' content. According to a press release issued by Netflix last month, 'Maharaj' is about a journalist and social reformer who was an advocate of women's rights and social reform.

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