Havells OTG 9T BL – 16 Liters | Toughened Double Glass Door | 60 Min Timer | 4 Skewer Rods | Baking Tray | 2-Year warranty | 800 Watt (Black)

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From the manufacturer




800-Watt OTG by Havells

Make your tastier and healthier!

Make tasty food with the prowess of a pro with this OTG from Havells. This lightweight oven by Havells comes with a contemporary design to suit the décor and needs of your modern kitchen. You have the freedom of adjusting the temperature as per your need while the motorized rotisserie is a delight to have. It has options of comfortable baking, grilling, toasting and roasting to make it easier for you in the kitchen.

IMPORTANT FEATURES Motorized Rotisserie Grill and bake toast Adjustable temperature control Sturdy outer body Temperature Control Dial

Module 3




Rotisserie for roasting meat

This oven features a rotisserie, commonly known as spit-roasting. You can skewer the meat on a long solid rod (spit) while it is roasted in the oven. You have the option of cooking large joints of meat. The circular motion cooks the meat evenly.

Temperature control dial

This exclusive oven has an adjustable temperature regulator graduated with semi-circular marking ranging from 100 to 250 degree Celsius. This helps you set the desired temperatures needed for grilling, baking and toasting.

Perfect for grill and bake toast

This multi-purpose oven from Havells helps you to prepare dishes that call for toasting, grilling, or even baking. The heating system of this oven is advanced to ensure fast and efficient heat supply to speed up the process. You can now indulge in the tastiest pizza, tandoori kebabs, cheese toasts or roasted chicken without worrying with this utilitarian appliance.

Module 4




Stain resistant, sturdy outer body

The sturdy outer body of this oven prevents corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage. It is also stain resistant to make it easier for you to clean after a messy culinary experience.

Non-stick coated drawer type bake tray for hygienic cooking

Eat healthy, with Havells! This oven comprises a non-stick coated bake tray. Its non-stick quality prevents the food from sticking to the tray, thus making it easy to clean while maintaining `hygiene.

All round grilling option

This oven comes with an all-around grilling option. This is ideal for cooking meat and crisping pizzas and quiches. Also, these grills are great for crisping and browning food, so you can use it to make toasted sandwiches, brown and melt cheese on lasagne and prepare delectable mushroom steaks.

Ensures faster cooking by reducing heat loss
Vertical rotisserie offers precise rotation speed thereby making tastier and healthier food
Warranty: 2 years on product; Power: 8 watts
Includes: OTG, Bake Tray, Grill Rack, Tray Handle, Instruction Manual and Recipe Book
Finish Type: Non Stick,Glass; Material Type: Metal; Size Name: 9ltr

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