Hansal Mehta said- That star did not meet my disabled son, now I have given up

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On Monday, a video of South cinema superstar Nagarjuna is in discussion on social media for a negative reason. Actually, a video of him from the airport surfaced on social media in which his bodyguard pushed a disabled fan. After this video surfaced, the actor started getting criticized on social media. However, the actor has apologized for this incident and said that he will take full care that such an incident never happens in the future. People are reacting to this post of Nagarjuna and now Hansal Mehta has expressed such pain related to his son.

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Hansal Mehta's son Jai Mehta has also given his reaction on this incident related to Nagarjuna. Jai Mehta has shared a long note on X. He has written, 'I would like to point out (I may be wrong, but I don't think I am wrong) that this person who is attracting the attention of the 'stars' appears to be a differently abled person. Do they really think that a staff member/employee at the airport, who must have seen celebrities coming and going through the same arrival gate at least 100 times a day, would enter their personal space and provoke them to look? So the answer is… NO! That man is clearly differently abled. Correct me if I am wrong. Although I doubt I am. Actually I think so because I was sitting on a chair outside this outlet last week and waiting for a friend of mine who was coming to pick me up at the airport. Then my eyes fell on this differently abled person. The security guards present there should be given proper training on how to handle the crowd in a better and better way. Celebrities/politicians/sportsmen should be a little less narcissistic. Don't get me wrong.'

Hansal Mehta's elder son told a painful story related to his brother

He further added, 'I love this actor, I have always loved him but I hate the fact that he didn't even bother to look at the person who came near him. He didn't even bother to look at the person who was thrown away by his security guard. The reason why people are big in this world is because such small people respect you, admire you and praise you. If they didn't do that, you would be nothing. Now let me tell you why this glimpse disturbed me. My younger brother, Pallav is mentally challenged. He has Down syndrome, it is not something that happened to him through dirty syringes… he was born like that. It is genetic. Let me tell you that he is a big fan of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.'

'People look at my brother in a weird way'

He further said, 'He knows about all their films and songs. This is a big deal for us because he cannot even pronounce our names as well as he pronounces their names, their films and songs.' Jai said that this incident has hurt him a lot. He said, 'This incident has hurt me a lot because people look at my brother with strange eyes and we have become accustomed to this look of people. Even educated-aware-so-called aware people do this, but it is okay. I have become accustomed to such things, but the thing that will hurt me the most is that if I ever take my younger brother with me to a screening in the industry and by mistake both his favorite stars are present there. I would not want anyone to push my brother like this because of his innocence and naivety, no matter who they are.'

“My brother's foolishness is the reason why someone could push him like this.”

Jay furthered the story by saying, 'The only reason he didn't come to any of our screenings was so that no one could make lewd comments or push him around because he's 'weird', something he would never do but in his case you never know. I'm sorry to be so blunt but this glimpse disturbed me because I have seen my brother behave in exactly the same way when he sees anyone on TV including Nagarjuna sir.'

“It is better to teach a handicapped person to keep his head down than to teach an educated person”

He said, 'I think we need to train a differently-abled child to keep his head down and mouth shut instead of telling an educated person to be a little more aware and polite.' In response, his father Hansal Mehta wrote about a celebrity who refused to even look at his son.

'My son Pallav is a big fan of this big star'

She wrote, “True story. So my son Pallav is a huge fan of this big star. I had requested many times through his brother, his close friends that meeting the star would mean a lot to him and it would be a gift from me to my son. When he had his eye operation, the first person he recognised in the newspaper was a star. But no one. There was no response from the star or his friends. I gave up. Now in the last few years Pallav's ability to understand has gone down. And now even if it happens, it won't mean anything.”

Nagarjuna apologized

Let us tell you that Nagarjuna reposted the footage of the airport incident on his official X account and wrote, 'I just came to know about this incident, this should not have happened. I apologize to that person and will take necessary precautions so that this does not happen in the future.'

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