Han So Hee Confirms Relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol, Apologizes to Hyeri with Personal Note

Ronit Kawale
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After a day marked by social media speculation, actor Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency, C-Jes Studios, has officially confirmed his relationship with Nevertheless star Han So Hee. The statement, released on March 16, disclosed that the couple has been dating since early January this year, with Ryu Jun Yeol recently expressing his affection for her.

Han So Hee Addresses Relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol

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Following the confirmation from Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency, Han So Hee took to a handwritten note to affirm the relationship from her end. She clarified that they developed feelings for each other in 2024 and emphasized that their connection began after Ryu Jun Yeol’s breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Hyeri. Han So Hee also apologized to Hyeri for any misunderstanding and to the public for not handling the situation more sensibly.

Background: Hyeri and Han So Hee’s Social Media Exchange

Prior to the confirmation of the relationship, both Hyeri and Han So Hee engaged in a subtle social media exchange, hinting at the unfolding situation. Matters escalated when social media users connected these posts with emerging dating rumors. Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol’s former partner of seven years, posted cryptic messages on social media, hinting at the situation.

Agency’s Confirmation and Response

C-Jes Studios confirmed the relationship between Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee, emphasizing that it began after Ryu Jun Yeol’s breakup. The agency expressed concern over the invasion of the actor’s privacy and announced plans for legal action against malicious posts.

In conclusion, amidst swirling speculations and social media exchanges, the confirmation of Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee’s relationship sheds light on the personal lives of these public figures, prompting discussions and reflections within the entertainment industry.

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