Great news for MBBS, BDS students! Bond issue ends, state government takes a big step

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Great news for MBBS, BDS students! Bond issue ends, state government takes a big step

MBBS & BDS Admission Latest News in Hindi : Well Amidst the uproar over 2024, there is good news for the children taking admission in MBBS and BDS. This good news is also for their parents. Because it is a matter of money. A big decision has come regarding MBBS and BDS courses. A decision that crores of people of the country were waiting for for many years. Decision to abolish seat leaving bond. Madhya Pradesh is the first state where the medical college seat leaving bond policy has been abolished.

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MBBS and BDS: Now you will not have to fill the bond

The Madhya Pradesh government has taken a historic decision. Whether you are taking admission in MBBS BDS in a government college or a private medical college, you will not need to fill a bond to leave the seat. This will be implemented from the coming session.

This decision will directly result in saving of Rs 30 to 40 lakh, because if you leave your studies midway for any reason, then you will not have to pay such a huge amount.

What is a seat leaving bond?

According to the rules till now, at the time of MBBS and BDS admission, colleges make students fill a bond. It is written in it that if the student is unable to complete the course for any reason and leaves the college midway, then he will have to pay a certain amount to the college. This amount ranges from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 40 lakh… in fact, in many colleges it is even more than this.

This year the National Medical Commission also intervened in this matter. The National Medical Commission said in the beginning of 2024 that 'We have received a lot of complaints regarding this bond. This shows how serious the situation is. Due to this rule, students are suffering from stress, anxiety and even depression. Especially PG medical students.'

In view of this, NMC had asked all the states and union territories to end the compulsion of leaving seats in medical colleges.

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