Good news: Now admissions in colleges will be done twice a year, UGC brings new rule

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UGC Biennial Admission Policy: An important change is going to come in the Indian higher education system. This change will be such that universities will be allowed to take admission twice a year. That is, students will get the opportunity to take admission twice in the same academic session. For this, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced an important policy change. Under which Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in India will be allowed to admit students twice a year from the academic session 2024-25.

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Making the big announcement, UGC Chairman Professor Mamidala Jagadeesh Kumar said the aim is to integrate Indian universities with the international system and enhance flexibility, PTI reported.

University Admissions: When will admissions be held twice a year?

Currently, Indian higher education institutions have a rule of academic session starting in July-August and ending in May-June. The admission process takes place only once a year. Under the new policy, college admission will also take place in January-February. After that in July-August. That is, admission cycle twice a year.

UGC Chairman Professor M. Jagadesh Kumar said the move has been taken to benefit students who miss out on primary admissions due to delay in board exam results, health issues or personal reasons.

Steps inspired by open and distance courses

This policy was inspired by the success of biannual admissions in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and Online mode, which were permitted by UGC in its 571st meeting. As per the data from the UGC DEB portal, these modes resulted in almost 5 lakh plus admissions. This shows the keen interest of students and the feasibility of this approach. Seeing this positive response, UGC extended this policy to regular courses.

Professor Kumar highlighted that biennial admissions will help higher education institutions manage their resources more effectively. With the ability to plan faculty, laboratory, classroom and support service utilization twice a year, university operations will become easier. This system is already in place in many international colleges. Its adoption can increase international collaboration and international student exchange, improving India's global educational competitiveness.

However, the UGC chairman stressed that biennial admissions will not be mandatory for higher education institutions. Moreover, the institutions will have to amend their institutional rules to facilitate admissions twice a year.

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