Gond Katira is beneficial in many diseases along with cooling the body in summer

Ananya Shroff
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Consumption of Gond Katira in summer is considered very beneficial for the body. It cools the body, so that you can avoid problems like heat stroke. Its consumption is beneficial for the body in many ways. It is also very good for the immune system.
It contains many types of nutrients, which are also good for heart health, weight loss and diabetes. Gond Katira is soaked for some time and then its drink is made and consumed. You also get fiber from this. Let's know about the benefits of Gond Katira.

Good for digestive health

Consumption of Gond Katira is beneficial for the digestive system. It helps in curing constipation and other stomach problems.

Provides coolness to the body

Consumption of Gond Katira is beneficial for the body and it provides coolness to the body. Its consumption is especially beneficial in summer. You can consume it by soaking it in water and mixing it in milk or water.

Good for skin health

The use of Gond Katira is also good for skin health. It maintains moisture in the skin and is also helpful in reducing inflammation. It provides moisture to the skin.

Helpful in weight loss

Gond Katira is high in fiber, which helps in weight loss. It works to control appetite. This prevents you from consuming excessive calories.

Controls diabetes

Consuming Gond Katira also helps in controlling blood sugar levels. It keeps the blood sugar levels stable and is beneficial for diabetic patients.

Maintains energy in the body

Consuming Gond Katira provides energy to the body. You can also add chia seeds to Gond Katira drink. This provides instant energy to the body and you also feel less tired.

Beneficial for bones

Gond Katira has high amount of calcium. This strengthens the bones and reduces the risk of problems like osteoporosis.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more information.

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