Gold was being brought from China on mules, this is how ITBP soldiers seized 108 kg gold

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: ITBP has arrested two suspects near the India-China border in eastern Ladakh. A record 108 kg of gold biscuits have been recovered from them. Both the suspects had entered India from China with such a huge consignment of gold. In this case, along with the customs, IB, Ladakh Police and other security agencies are interrogating the accused. Officials said that this record seizure of gold was made at around 1.30 pm on Tuesday afternoon. At this time, this seizure of gold was made from Sirigapale near Narbula Top, about a kilometer from the India-China border.

At this time, the Long Range Patrolling Team of ITBP was patrolling here. This patrol was being done in Chishmule, Narbula Top, Jaklay and Jakla area. Its purpose was to prevent infiltration and smuggling. Since such activities increase from across the border in this summer season. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the LRP of ITBP was going on. The team had also received some inputs related to smuggling near Sirigapale in Ladakh.

The patrol team led by DC Deepak Bhatt had three SOs and 17 ORs. When the team reached the Sirigapale area, about a kilometer from the international border at 1:20 pm, the team also saw two suspicious persons with mules. The patrol team chased them and warned them to stop. Both stopped. The patrol team brought both of them to their camp.

When they were questioned there, initially both of them said that they were collecting medicinal plants. But later when the patrol team searched, a huge amount of gold was recovered. Apart from gold, two mobile phones, a telescope, milk and other Chinese food items, two knives, a torch and a hammer were also recovered.

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