'Godhra' trailer: Screams of dying people inside the burning Sabarmati train, Ranveer Shorey raises many questions

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'Godhra' trailer: Screams of dying people inside the burning Sabarmati train, Ranveer Shorey raises many questions

The trailer of Ranveer Shorey starrer film 'Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra' has been released. Ranveer Shorey's film stars many actors like Manoj Joshi, Hitu Kanodia, Denisa Ghumra, Ganesh Yadav, Makarang Shukla. This film is based on the fire incident in the Sabarmati train in Godhra, Gujarat, in which about 59 people lost their lives. This incident had raised many questions and now this film is a story revolving around these issues. Let us tell you that at present Ranveer Shorey is the guest of 'Bigg Boss OTT 3' and has been successful in attracting people's attention inside the show so far.

In this 1 minute 31 second trailer, the screams of the people facing death inside the burning train are so terrifying that your soul will tremble even thinking about it. Ranveer Shorey is seen in the role of a lawyer and in the ongoing hearing on this incident, he says, 'Sabarmati train was not burnt, it was allowed to burn. This administration is making up stories to hide its irresponsibility, sir.'

Ranvir Shorey argued

Along with this, some questions have also been raised, in which it is being said – why did the attack happen on the Sabarmati train? Where was the RPF when the attack happened? Where was the fire brigade when the train suddenly caught fire? Ranveer Shorey is seen saying in his argument that this is not a case of conspiracy.

People said- this film is going to be a hit

Let us tell you that this film is releasing in theaters on 12th July. People are commenting a lot about this film 'Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra' directed by MK Shivaksh. Many people are seen saying about Ranveer Shorey – Ranveer Shorey had said in Bigg Boss that he is not playing any game, he is playing a different game. Many people have said that it will be fun to watch this film because everyone knows the story but watching it on screen is a different thing. People say – this film is going to be a hit.

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