Ghoomer Movie Review: Abhishek Bachchan’s tremendous yorker on the pitch of ‘Ghoomar’

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Anina, a young batting prodigy, loses her right hand in an accident. An unsympathetic, failed cricketer gives her new hope, trains her with unconventional techniques, to turn her fate around. Ghoomer is a new style of bowling they invent.

Movie NameGhoomer
GenreDrama Sports
Streaming PartnerN/A
Release Date18 August 2023
DirectorR. Balki
WriterR. Balki, Rahul Sengupta and Rishi Virmani
MusicAmit Trivedi
CinematographerVishal Sinha
Production CompanyN/A
Produced ByR. Balki & KS Jairam
Distributed ByN/A
Movie Budget20 Crore

“Ghoomer” Movie Review: A Unique Cricket-Cinema Blend

The convergence of cricket and cinema has always captivated audiences, but not every cinematic depiction of cricket necessarily strikes a chord by hitting monumental sixes. Director R. Balki’s “Ghoomer Jaye” brings together the talents of Abhishek Bachchan and Sayami Kher in a narrative centered around a female protagonist. “Ghoomer” spins a captivating tale enriched with faith, trust, and the essence of cricket, delivering an engaging dose of entertainment. Let’s delve into what makes this film special.

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Plot Synopsis

“Ghoomer Jaye” follows the journey of Anina Dixit (Sayami Kher), a promising cricketer poised to make her mark on the international stage. However, her life takes an unexpected turn due to an accident, shattering her dreams. Anina’s despair leads her to Padma Singh Sodhi, also known as Paddy Sir (Abhishek Bachchan), who not only restores her lost confidence but also aids her in realizing her aspiration to represent her country. The unfolding story explores the intricacies of their relationship and the journey to achieving Anina’s dreams.

Unique Perspective

The film sets itself apart from conventional cricket-themed narratives. While earlier movies like “Iqbal” showcased the triumph of an underprivileged boy in cricket, “Ghoomer” ventures into uncharted territory by portraying a girl’s journey in the Gentlemen’s game. Distinctively, the film sidesteps the typical challenges faced by female athletes in terms of familial resistance, societal taunts, and political maneuvering. It embraces a refreshing perspective where Anina’s family stands by her ambitions, demonstrating unwavering support. The film’s ability to maintain this unique stance sets it apart from traditional sports-themed narratives.

Engaging Storytelling

The film’s storytelling prowess is commendable. The presence of Anina’s grandmother (Shabana Azmi), keeping tabs on her matches, and her father shouldering the responsibilities of a multi-gender household injects a unique emotional texture into “Ghoomer.” The movie steers clear of conventional sports-film tropes and keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Impressive Performances and Dialogue

Sayami Kher delivers an exceptional performance as Anina, capturing the nuances of a cricketer’s body language convincingly. Abhishek Bachchan, as Paddy Sir, shines on screen, captivating attention with his dialogue delivery. His monologue on the intricacies and magic of life resonates deeply. Shabana Azmi portrays a strong woman with cricket knowledge surpassing the men in her household.

The film’s dialogues inject life into the narrative, featuring witty one-liners that bring humor and emotion to every part of the story. The writing seamlessly guides the story forward, allowing for laughter and emotional engagement throughout. The film’s humor and emotion are further enhanced by its well-crafted dialogue.

Cinematic Match

While the first half builds the story, the second half offers numerous high points and humor. Notably, the film avoids bombarding audiences with intrusive background music, enhancing the viewing experience.


“Ghoomer Jaye” is a distinctive cinematic venture that weaves cricket and cinema into an engaging narrative. It takes a novel approach to the sports film genre, portraying a female cricketer’s journey with a refreshing twist. The film’s engaging storytelling, impressive performances, and clever dialogues contribute to its appeal. As it embarks on an unconventional route and avoids common sports film clichés, “Ghoomer” stands as an entertaining and heartfelt cinematic experience.

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Rating by Ronit Kawale 4 out of 5
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