General Dwivedi will take over as Army Chief tomorrow, focus will be on issues ranging from Agniveer to terrorism

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General Dwivedi will take over as Army Chief tomorrow, focus will be on issues ranging from Agniveer to terrorism

New Delhi: The Indian Army will get a new Army Chief on Sunday afternoon. The current Deputy Chief Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi will take over as the new Army Chief. He is taking over as the Army Chief at a time when challenges have increased from dealing with China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to dealing with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. Along with the modernization of the army, a major issue in the form of Agniveer is yet to be resolved.

Changes in Agneepath will be a challenge
In 2022, the recruitment process in the army changed and Agniveers are being recruited under the Agneepath scheme. As per the provision so far, 25 percent of Agniveers will be given the option of becoming permanent before the completion of four years, till then General Dwivedi will remain the Army Chief. Studies are going on within the army regarding the changes in Agneepath, but along with this it has also become a big political issue. Especially this time the form of the central government and the number of opposition has heated up the issue and it is expected to heat up further. In such a situation, keeping in mind the needs and morale of the army, General Dwivedi will have to take a tough stand as the Army Chief.

Terrorism is raising its head again
Not only are the conspiracies of terrorists to spread terror in the Jammu and Kashmir valley continuing, but now terrorist activities have increased in those areas of Jammu which were peaceful for many years. The terrorists have carried out many attacks continuously and the army has lost many of its soldiers. The question is being raised that why is the intelligence system failing and why has human intelligence become so weak that the intentions of the terrorists are not being detected in time. The new Army Chief will face the challenge of strengthening the intelligence system and establishing the belief that the army has the ability to detect the conspiracies of the terrorists in advance and foil them.

Management of Manpower
The deadlock on the LAC in eastern Ladakh has been continuing for four years. Troops are being deployed there continuously, due to which the LAC has also become a kind of LOC. Compared to earlier, the deployment of troops on the LAC has increased not only in eastern Ladakh but also in the eastern sector. Terrorists are becoming uncontrollable in Jammu and Kashmir. The situation in Manipur is bad. Amidst all these challenges, the army is also having to reduce the number of soldiers. The government's goal is to reduce the number of soldiers and there are challenges all around. The northern border will remain a priority but no laxity can be shown on the western front either. In such a situation, manpower management will be a big challenge for the new chief as to how to meet the needs of all the fronts.

Important Equipment and Training
The army is currently short of some important ammunition. To promote self-reliance in the defense sector, the import of many military equipment has been banned and they have to be purchased from indigenous companies only. In such a situation, it is a big task to ensure that the army gets all the necessary equipment on time. Because many times DRDO prepares the prototype of the product as per the requirement of the army but there is a delay in getting the actual functional product. Providing facilities to the indigenous industry will also be a challenge so that they can make products according to the needs of the army and meet their standards. Along with the changing methods of warfare, providing new equipment as well as new types of training without delay will also be a challenge. Despite the poor economic condition of Pakistan, Pakistan is also modernizing its army at a fast pace.

How prepared are you for the growing threat?
China has recently reorganized its strategic support force and placed its three departments, cyber, space and information support forces, directly under the Central Military Commission (CMC). This will enable better monitoring of them and make them more effective. This will increase the threat to India. The process of reorganization is also going on in the Indian Army. In such a situation, it will be important to see how fast the army is preparing itself according to the changing threat. New strategies with new equipment and new types of training for new threats… the Indian Army should not be left behind in all this.

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