Ganguly entered the world of speed, became the owner of Kolkata Royal Tigers team

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New Delhi. Veteran cricketer Sourav Ganguly is now going to try himself in the world of speed. The former Indian captain has bought a team in the motorsport event-Indian Racing Festival. Ganguly has become the owner of the Kolkata Royal Tigers racing team of the Indian Racing Festival. Ganguly's entry into the world of Indian racing is being seen as a big step.

The Indian Racing Festival is a motorsport event. It has been brought to India with the youth in mind. The festival includes two main championships – the Indian Racing League (IRL) and the Formula 4 Indian Championship (F4IC). This year, teams from eight cities – Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Kochi and Ahmedabad – will participate in it from August to November. Kolkata is going to participate in it for the first time.

Sourav Ganguly, popularly known as the 'Prince of Kolkata', has now joined the championship as the owner of the Kolkata Royal Tigers. His impressive presence will usher in a new era of excitement for motor racing in West Bengal and eastern India.

Sourav Ganguly said, “I am really excited to embark on this exciting journey with the Kolkata team at the Indian Racing Festival. Motorsports has always been my passion. Together with the Kolkata Royal Tigers, we aim to build a strong legacy at the Indian Racing Festival and inspire a new generation of motorsport enthusiasts.”

Akhilesh Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, Racing Promotions Private Limited (RPPL) said, “We are very happy to announce Sourav Ganguly as the owner of the Kolkata franchise. His visionary leadership brings unmatched dynamism to the Indian Racing Festival.”

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