Gambhir Challenge: How will Gautam tackle Kohli and Rohit, Gambhir's challenge, he will not be able to become the boss…

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New Delhi. Gautam Gambhir has become the new coach of the Indian cricket team. He has the challenge of carrying forward the legacy of Rahul Dravid. Under the leadership of coach Dravid, India reached the finals of 3 ICC tournaments in two years and also won a trophy. It is a coincidence that there will be only 3 ICC events in the next two years. Now it remains to be seen how the Indian team performs during this time under the guidance of coach Gautam Gambhir.

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A period of change in Team India
Rahul Dravid has set the benchmark of success as a coach by winning the World Cup. gautam gambhir If he is not able to get the ICC trophy for India, then he will not be counted among the successful coaches. Now the trophy has become the criterion of success. But the team which is currently going through a phase of change comes in the way of this. Team India What will be Gambhir's stance in this change, many things will be decided from here.

The image is aggressive and the stats are excellent
Gautam Gambhir's image has generally been that of an aggressive and authoritative captain-coach. Gambhir was the top scorer in the T20 World Cup final (2007) and the ODI World Cup final (2011), which shows that he was a big match player. He has two IPL trophies to his name as captain. He captained India in only a few matches, but the success rate was excellent. Gambhir has also made KKR the champion of IPL 2024 as a mentor.

Aggressive like a football coach
In Gautam Gambhir's journey to success, everyone has seen that he takes most of the decisions of his team himself. As a captain, it is his right, but as a mentor-coach he is also quite aggressive. In the IPL, his reactions in the dugout are more like a football coach than a cricket coach. Many times it seemed that if he had his way, he would have come on the field and scolded the fielders.

Chappelle did not accept star culture
If we look at the great coaches of the Indian cricket team in the last 20 years, Gautam Gambhir seems to be somewhat of Greg Chappell's style. Gambhir clearly says that in a team game, no player can be given more importance than a limit. Whereas in India, it is not a big deal for a cricketer to become a superstar or a god. This is a tradition. Here cricketers have devotees as well as temples. In such a situation, Gambhir may have to change his perspective a bit. Chappell did not change his Australian perspective. He completely rejected star culture. The result was that during Chappell's tenure, Team India was divided into two factions. The worst performance in the Cricket World Cup also happened during Chappell's tenure.

Gautam Gambhir and Rohit Sharma during an IPL 2024 match. (AFP)

It is not possible to be the boss when Rohit and Kohli are there
It is certain that with Rohit Sharma as the captain and King Virat Kohli, Gautam Gambhir will not be able to become the kind of boss he has been in IPL teams. It is said that there is only one boss. Boss culture in Indian cricket started from the era of Sourav Ganguly which continues even today. Here the captain has superpower or veto power. The captain not only wants the team of his choice but many times the coach is also of his choice. Cricket lovers will not forget when despite the recommendation of the Cricket Advisory Committee, Anil Kumble could not become the coach because the then captain Virat Kohli's choice was Ravi Shastri. Later, Kohli's choice Shastri became the coach.

Coaches will be made by 2027
Coach Gautam Gambhir has become the coach of the Indian team till the 2027 ODI World Cup. There is no doubt that he must have prepared his master plan. By the year 2027 Captain Rohit Sharma Rohit Sharma said that he should be 40 years old. Rohit has not yet clarified whether he would like to play the 2027 World Cup or not. Anyway, there is still a lot of time for this. Maybe Rohit will form his opinion on this after one and a half years. But Gautam does not have that much time. He has to keep his plan B ready. If Rohit plays the 2027 World Cup, will he remain the captain or someone else? Although choosing the captain is the job of the selectors. But the entire responsibility of the coach lies with the captain. Any coach can make the team successful only by working together with the captain. In such a situation, Gautam has to remember that he is not in a decisive but in a supporting role.

Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli during an IPL 2024 match.

Kohli-Gambhir's 'love' is well known
The discussion of Gautam Gambhir's challenges cannot end without Virat Kohli. Cricket lovers have seen the 'love' of these two on the field. Everyone has seen how Gautam Gambhir loves an Afghan player (Naveen-ul-Haq). Virat Kohli Kohli had a fight with Rohit Sharma. Amit Mishra intervened and handled the situation. Kohli is the biggest star of the current team. He is the most successful batsman. He is the fittest cricketer. He is also two years younger than Rohit. There may be doubts about Rohit playing in the 2027 World Cup, but such questions are rarely raised about Kohli.

Whether it is Gautam Gambhir or any other coach, they will definitely follow their own formula. But Gambhir has a formula of success that can reduce his challenges. This formula is of his senior Rahul Dravid, who mixes with the team as if he is their partner, an elder brother. Dravid puts the players ahead in every success. When the team fails or loses, Dravid is seen in the press conference. Dravid becomes the favorite of every member of Team India with this style of his. Gautam Gambhir will also have to play the role of an elder brother in the team.

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