From economy, farmers to criticism of the opposition, highlights of PM Modi's speech in Rajya Sabha

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New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the discussion on the motion of thanks brought on the President's address. During his speech, the PM targeted the opposition and mentioned India's fast-growing economy, the government's efforts to eradicate poverty, from farmer loan waiver to women empowerment. The opposition raised slogans during PM Modi's speech. After this, the opposition walked out of the House. Let's know the highlights of PM Modi's speech.

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return to power for the third time

The PM said that in the history of India's independence and our parliamentary democratic journey, after several decades, the people of the country have given a government a chance to serve the country for the third time. After 60 years, it has happened that a government has returned after 10 years.

Targeting the opposition

PM Modi said that some people deliberately turned their back on it, some people did not understand. Those who understood created a ruckus in that direction so that this important decision of the people of the country gets eclipsed. How to end it. Efforts were made in this direction. The Prime Minister said that for the last two days I have been seeing that nowadays defeat is being accepted and victory is also being accepted with less enthusiasm.

One third government… ghee and sugar in the mouth

The PM said that since the results have come, I have been seeing one of our colleagues that even though his party was not supporting him, he was running alone with the flag. I say that whatever he used to say is a gift for him. The Prime Minister said that why am I saying this, because he had repeatedly beaten the drum of one-third government. What can be a bigger truth than this that we have completed ten years, 20 more years are left. One-third has been completed, two-thirds are still left and hence I give him a gift for his prediction.

mention of constitution day

PM Modi said that we celebrate 24th November as Constitution Day. But I am surprised at those people who keep jumping around with the copy of the Constitution. The Prime Minister said that those people had protested that if it is 26th January then why bring Constitution Day. He said that today through Constitution Day, the spirit of the Constitution should be awakened in the schools and colleges of the country, what has been the role of the Constitution in its creation, the feeling of faith towards the Constitution should be awakened on a wide scale, the Constitution should remain the biggest inspiration for us, for the countrymen in the entire coming period.

The economy will reach new heights

PM Modi said that I know that there are some scholars who believe that it is not a big deal, this is bound to happen, this economy is going to reach number three on its own. He said that these people are used to running the government on auto pilot mode or remote pilot, so they do not believe in dharna. PM said that these people know how to wait but we are leaving no stone unturned in our efforts. The work that we have done in the last 10 years, in the coming years we will increase its speed, its expansion and it will have height as well as depth.

The decisive battle against poverty

The PM said that the coming 5 years are the decisive years of the fight against poverty. The fight of the poor, when the poor stand up to fight against poverty, then that fight is successful. The Prime Minister said that therefore the coming 5 years are the decisive years of the fight against poverty and this country will emerge victorious in the fight against poverty. He said that I can say this with great confidence on the basis of the experience of the last 10 years.

The opposition raised slogans and walked out

The opposition created a ruckus during PM Modi's speech in Rajya Sabha. The opposition is raising slogans of stop fake speeches and stop lying. During PM Modi's speech, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge was asking permission from the Chairman to say something, but when he was not allowed, leaders like Kharge and Pramod Tiwari stood up and started sloganeering. After this, the opposition walked out of the House.

'No strength to hear the truth'

After this, the PM said that the country is seeing that those who spread lies do not even have the strength to listen to the truth. Those who do not have the courage to face the truth, do not have the courage to sit and listen to the answers to the questions raised by them after so much discussion. The Prime Minister said that they are insulting the Upper House. They are insulting the great tradition of the Upper House. He said that the people of the country have defeated them in every way that now they have nothing left except screaming on the streets. Raising slogans and running away from the field is written in their fate.

Mention of West Bengal

PM Modi said that I am not speaking against any state, I am not speaking for any noise, but some time ago I saw pictures of Bengal and videos on social media where a woman was being beaten openly on the road. That sister was screaming. Modi said that but no one is coming to help and the incident that happened in Sandeshkhali, whose pictures were spine-chilling, but the pain of big leaders is not reflected in their words, what can be a more shameful and sad picture than this.

The PM said that those who consider themselves very progressive women leaders are also silent because they are associated with some political party or state. That is why you should remain silent on the suffering of women. He said that the way even big people are ignoring such things, it hurts the country as well as women and sisters.

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