From Constitution, Agniveer, NEET to farmers, how Kharge targeted BJP in his 90-minute speech

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said that there is no place for arrogant slogans in democracy. He said that in democracy the public is the master. This was the first election in the history of the country in which the protection of the Constitution became an issue. The BJP gave the slogan of 400 Paar and many of its leaders even said that the BJP will change the Constitution. Due to this, the 'Bharat' alliance had to run a campaign to save the Constitution.

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Democracy will survive only if the constitution survives

Kharge said that the public has understood that other issues will keep coming and going, but democracy will remain and elections will be held only if the Constitution survives. The opposition leader said that one of the specialties of this session is that due to fear of the mandate, people in power are chanting the name of the Constitution. Among them there are people who are also objecting to the slogan of Jai Samvidhaan. Therefore, the issue of protecting the Constitution still remains.

Now there are not one but two Rahuls… What did Sambit Patra, who reached the Lok Sabha for the first time, say
Speaking on the motion of thanks on the President's address, Rajya Sabha leader Mallikarjun Kharge said that the morale of the youth has been broken by bringing an unplanned and arbitrary scheme like Agniveer and I demand that the Agniveer scheme should be abolished. He said that the President is the most important part of the Parliament, we respect him a lot. The subject matter of the address is governmental. The government has not told how the upcoming challenges will be dealt with.

'There is neither any vision nor any direction in the speech'

This year the President's first address was on January 31 and the second on June 27. The first address was related to elections and the second was a copy of that. He said that there was neither any vision nor any direction in the President's address. There was nothing for Dalits, minorities and backward classes. Kharge said that this government is expert in ignoring basic issues and hiding failures.

Statement on Hindus..Did Rahul Gandhi score a self goal, understand all the equations
The opposition leader attacked the BJP and said that till ten years ago these people used to say that the country's image is being tarnished by coalition governments. These people used to abuse coalition governments and used to say that they are a khichdi (a concoction). But the people of the country forced them to form a coalition government by reducing them to a minority. He said that these people talk of crossing 400 but now the matter has come down to 200.

Government is in trouble due to paper leak

Kharge on Monday attacked the Prime Minister for his statement during the Lok Sabha elections in which he said that the last 10 years of governance was “just a trailer” and the “picture is yet to come”. Citing a number of recent incidents, Kharge said that in the last one month, there have been incidents like leak of exam papers, cancellation of several exams, train accidents, three terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, water leakage in Ram temple, collapse of parts of roofs of three airports, hike in toll tax and historic fall in rupee. He said that due to the recent paper leak, the future of 30 lakh students has been affected.

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Papers have been leaked 70 times in seven years and this has affected the future of two crore students. He said that whether it is Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra or Manipur, BJP formed the government by sabotaging everywhere. Two CMs of the All India Alliance were put in jail. When the Delhi CM came out in one case, he was implicated in another case. He said that if there were leaders like former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today, there would not have been talks of mangalsutra, mujra and buffalo theft in the elections.

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He said that when we talk about inflation, the BJP starts talking about inflation in foreign countries. The Leader of the Opposition made some remarks about the RSS in the Rajya Sabha, to which Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar and Leader of the House JP Nadda objected. Those remarks were removed from the proceedings of the House.

Why did the post of Deputy Chairman remain vacant?

The opposition leader alleged that in the last decade, parliamentary institutions and democratic traditions have been constantly weakened and the opposition has been ignored. He said that the BJP's vision was of a Parliament in which there is no opposition. If there was no such vision, the post of Deputy Speaker would not have remained vacant for the first time in the 17th Lok Sabha. The election results have shown that the Constitution of the country and the people of the country are more important than everything else. There is no place for arrogant forces in democracy. Manipur has been burning for a year but the PM did not go there.

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Controversy over turning off the mic

On Monday, opposition MPs in Rajya Sabha alleged that the mic of opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge was switched off. Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar expressed strong displeasure over this and said what does it mean that the mic was switched off. No one switched off the mic, it happens automatically. He said that no one has the right to switch off the mic. Spreading such misconceptions spoils the image of Parliament.

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