Forget about welcoming, let's get out of here first… Jay Shah expressed concern over Team India getting caught in the storm

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New Delhi. The Indian cricket team is still stuck in Barbados even 48 hours after winning the T20 World Cup. The Indian team was to leave for India via charter plane on Monday. But stormy winds have engulfed Barbados. Barbados and surrounding islands are in the grip of rain and strong winds. BCCI Secretary Jai Shah, who was stranded in Barbados with Team India, told the media, 'Like you people, we are also stuck here. First we have to see how to get the players and everyone else out of here safely. Only after this we will think about the welcome program on reaching India.'

Barbados, with a population of about three lakh, has been in a lockdown-like situation since Sunday evening. Its international airport has been closed till further orders. Water and electricity supply is also disrupted. The Indian team was to leave for India by charter plane along with Jai Shah and other board officials. The BCCI is also trying to evacuate Indian media personnel who had gone to cover the World Cup from the storm-affected area.

Jai Shah said, “We were trying to get a charter flight for Monday. That option is over because the airport is closed. We are in touch with charter plane operators, but in the current situation no plane can land or take off here.”

The BCCI secretary said, 'Our plan is to fly directly to India after refueling in America or Europe. But the airport is likely to remain closed till Tuesday afternoon. If the weather improves, it can be opened earlier. The wind speed should be low to start flight operations. You cannot fight nature. We need to wait.' The Indian team won the T20 World Cup by defeating South Africa on Saturday. This is the second time that India has become the champion of the T20 World Cup. (input language)

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