For whose benefit are so many lies being spread about the army, Modi raised questions

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday accused the Congress of spreading blatant lies on Army recruitment and asked for whose benefit so many lies are being spread about the Army. Responding to the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President's address in the Lok Sabha, Modi said the Congress is spreading blatant lies on Army recruitment so that youth do not join the Army. He said lies are being spread to stop youth from joining the Army. I want to know for whose benefit the Congress wants to weaken our forces. For whose benefit is it (Congress) spreading so many lies about the Army?

Even after being abused, we kept our mouth shut: Modi

PM Modi said that extensive reforms have been done in the army during his tenure and the army is being modernized. The Prime Minister said that the country should have faith in the youth and the government is constantly improving the military forces according to the time, situation and time. He indirectly said about the Agneepath scheme that we are building a capable army for war. Today the conditions, technology and methods of war are changing, so we are trying to improve the defense according to our needs. Even after being abused, we are improving the defense sector by keeping our mouth shut.

I cannot see the Indian army getting stronger
He said that the people of Congress can never see the Indian Army becoming strong. He also said that who does not know how weak the army was during the time of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Congress committed scams worth lakhs and crores of rupees in our army, which weakened the country's army. Ever since the country became independent, Congress has made corruption a tradition in the Navy, Army and Air Force. Citing the Jeep scam, submarine and Bofors scam, he said that these scams prevented the country from becoming strong.

One Rank One Pension was implemented by NDA

The Prime Minister accused the Congress of misleading ex-servicemen on the issue of One Rank, One Pension (OROP). He said that the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had abolished OROP and the Congress did not allow it to be implemented for decades, while the NDA government implemented OROP despite limited resources.

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