For those men who say 'I earn money', it is important for them to know these 5 things

Ananya Shroff
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The image of men and women in Indian society is such that a man goes to work, earns money and brings it home. On the other hand, if we talk about women, they relax at home and do some work. We are not saying this, but this is the thinking of a section of our society.

To change this thinking of people, Aamir Khan came up with a show. In the seventh episode of its first season which came in 2012, he invited feminist activist and social scientist Kamla Bhasin. During the question-answer session, when Aamir told Kamla that 'men say that they earn money and bring it home, they are the earners', the writer replied to this by saying something that every man should know. (Photo courtesy: Facebook @kamla bhasin)

'The man says I am the breadwinner'

Aamir Khan asked Kamla Bhasin that 'men say that they earn money and bring it home, they are the earners, so they have the right to raise their hands.' On this statement of the actor, Kamla gave such a reply that along with telling the right thing to the man, it also increases the confidence of women.

Kamla Bhasin said- 'Children do not eat money'

Kamla Bhasin said that 'the earning man brings money, children do not eat money, children eat food. Children do not sleep on money, children sleep on bed. The woman cooks food with that money, makes bed with that money. So when both man and woman work together, the family runs.'

A woman makes a man fit to go to work

A woman makes a man fit to go to work

Kamala Bhasin completes her point by saying that 'It is the hard work of a woman that makes a man fit to go to work the next day. In the evening, the man comes home tired and says that he is very tired. So how will his tiredness go away? His wife will make him wash her feet, he has come back from there beaten up, he has come back from there insulted, so she will mend his broken ego.

She will feed him, love him, entertain him at night. The next morning she will make him breakfast, polish his clothes, shine his shoes, then the executive husband will go to his job. Or the man will go to his labor job.'

“Without woman's work, man is a failure”

A man is a failure without a woman's work

In most of the houses, it happens that the work of women does not get the importance they deserve. After doing all the household chores, they also serve their husbands. Talking about this, Kamla Bhasin said that 'without this work of women, a man is unsuccessful.' To a large extent, this is true. Doing household chores all day, taking care of the children, cooking food three times a day and then serving the husband when he comes home. This is a woman's routine, which she repeats every day. If a woman does not do this, then it becomes difficult to run the house.

Men need to understand these things

Men need to understand these things

Today, many women in the society are earning money themselves and spending more than half of their salary on household expenses. But if your wife is a housewife, then you have to understand that just as you are earning money by working outside, your wife is also doing thousands of household chores as well as taking care of the children. So instead of saying 'I am earning money', make sure that your children are neither eating that money nor sleeping on it.

Watch what Kamala Bhasin said in the video

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