Find out if you have skin, eye or kidney cancer in 5 seconds by looking at your nails.

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Cancer is a dangerous and fatal disease. The problem is that the symptoms of cancer are not detected in the beginning. There are many types of cancer and the symptoms are also different. However, the body definitely gives some signals, by which you can identify cancer. Your nails can also indicate that cancer has started or is about to start in your body.

US National Institutes of Health (US)nih) Scientists have found in a study that sometimes white or red stripes can appear on the nails, which is a sign that you may be at risk of skin, eye and kidney cancer.

What does a white or red stripe on the nail mean?

In the study, scientists found that a special type of change occurs on the nails, which is called 'Onychopapilloma'. This is not cancer. Apart from colored stripes on the nail, symptoms like change in color, thickening under the nail and thickening at the tip of the nail are also seen.

If these 5 symptoms start appearing in the body then it may be cancer!

How can cancer be detected from nails?

Scientists said such symptoms may indicate the presence of a rare genetic disease “BAP1 tumor predisposition syndrome” in the body. This disease increases the risk of cancer in skin, eyes and kidneys.

What causes cancer?

What causes cancer?

The study also found that changes in a gene called 'BAP1' could be the main cause of this disease. Although this gene works to prevent tumors in the body, but due to changes in it, this work is not done properly. This information has been revealed in a study published in JAMA Dermatology Journal.

Shocking revelation in research

Shocking revelation in research

It is noteworthy that this problem usually occurs in only one nail. But researchers found that about 88% of 47 people from 35 families with BAP1 syndrome had 'onychopapilloma' tumors on multiple nails.

Get tested as soon as symptoms appear

Get tested as soon as symptoms appear

Researchers say that such changes in nails are rarely seen in common people. Therefore, if a person shows onychopapilloma-like changes on multiple nails, he or she should get tested for BAP1 tumor predisposition syndrome. People who have or have had a family history of melanoma (skin cancer), or who may be at risk for other types of cancer associated with the BAP1 gene, may benefit from nail screening. ,

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more details.

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