Feet smell bad in summer, 5 tips will remove this problem, feet will remain fresh throughout the day, choose the best footwear like this

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Feet smell bad in summer, 5 tips will remove this problem, feet will remain fresh throughout the day, choose the best footwear like this

Tips to reduce foot Odour: A lot of hygiene has to be taken care of during summer. Due to excessive sweating, body odor starts emanating. In such a situation, by taking bath daily, you keep your body clean. Many times it happens that as soon as people come home from outside, they clean their face and hands, but forget to wash their feet. Some people's feet smell bad during summer. The reason for this could be that due to continuous wearing of shoes and socks in summer, the feet and soles keep sweating. Due to blockage and moisture retention, bacteria grow, which causes bad smell. In such a situation, how can you get rid of foot odor? Here are some solutions.

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Why do feet smell bad?
According to a news published in IndianExpress.com, there is excessive sweating in summer, due to which the feet start smelling. The levels of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi on your skin increase significantly. Because of this, feet start smelling worse. People often wear shoes in school, office and during sports. During summer, due to constant closure of feet, there is excessive sweating. Because of this the problem of bad smell increases. Closed environments promote bacterial and fungal growth, making feet more likely to smell. Try some simple remedies, the smell of feet will reduce.

Wearing open footwear in summer- If it is not mandatory in the office, then try to wear less shoes. Instead, start wearing open footwear. With this, the skin of the feet and soles will breathe freely. There will be less sweating, due to which bacteria will not grow. You should wear sandals more. Many types of comfortable sandals are available in the market for both men and women. Avoid wearing sandals or any footwear made of plastic material, as they cause sweating.

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Change socks- Some people wear the same socks for 3-4 days. Due to sweating, moisture remains in the socks, due to which bacteria grows and causes bad smell. You should wear clean socks every day in summer. This will keep your feet fresh and there will be no smell.

Take care of foot hygiene- Whenever you come from office or anywhere else, clean your feet with water and soap. After cleaning thoroughly, wipe it with a towel. Especially do not leave moisture between the fingers. Keep cutting toe nails regularly. In this way, foot hygiene will remain intact and the people around you will not be bothered by the foul smell coming from your feet.

No fungal infection? Always check whether there is any fungal infection on your feet, soles and between your toes. Sometimes white deposits are seen between the fingers, pay attention to this. This could be a symptom of fungal infection. If this happens, consult a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Apply antifungal powder- If you notice fungal infection then you can use antifungal powder. If you are troubled by foot odor, then apply this powder before wearing socks. You can buy this powder from any medical store after taking expert advice.

Tips to select footwear for summer
Do not keep your feet closed for long in the summer season. You should wear open footwear, so that the skin can breathe freely. There should be no moisture. You can get rid of this problem by choosing the right footwear and maintaining proper hygiene. Choose sandals or any kind of open footwear, this will reduce sweating. Do not buy plastic footwear. Wear cotton socks. Wear only good quality footwear and socks. Cotton socks allow air to circulate properly in the feet. It does not smell bad.

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