Father had given up acting due to poverty, now daughter hoisted the flag in Bhojpuri cinema, know the story of Shivangi

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Vishal Kumar/Chhapra. Daughters are no less than sons now. Chhapra's Shivangi is proving this proverb to be true. To fulfill her father's wish, Shivangi is leaving this small town and making a big splash in the field of acting. Shivangi has recently played the role of a mother in the Bhojpuri web series (Motka Ke Vivah). Which is making a lot of noise on social media. Till now it has also crossed million views. The father is overjoyed at his daughter's success.

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Shivangi's father, popularly known as Shyam Singh alias Shyam Sanu Bhaiya, has worked with many famous actors in the film industry like Prakash Jha. Shyam Singh lives with his family in Nai Bazaar of Chapra city. Had come to Mumbai with the desire of becoming a good actor. But because of the poor his wish was not fulfilled. When he came home, he did not return to Mumbai. Meanwhile, his father's health deteriorated and he became busy in service. To run the household he had to work in the city itself.

Seeing his daughter's acting he used to say that his wish will definitely be fulfilled.
However, he joined a street theater group and continued performing street plays in his city and even took his little daughter to the shows. Soon Shivangi also started acting. Seeing this, Shyam Singh says that my daughter will fulfill his wish. Encourage him a lot to act. Even if Shivangi has to stay awake for 7 to 8 days and prepare for the crime to fulfill her father's wish, she does not shy away from it. Not only this, to avoid putting too much burden on her father's pocket, she also performs street plays. Due to which some expenses are covered. With the same expenses, she stays in Mumbai and prepares for her acting career. Recently she played the role of mother in the Bhojpuri web series (Motka Ke Vivah). Which is making a lot of noise on social media.

Father's dream has to be fulfilled
Shivangi told that earlier I used to perform street plays with my father in Chapra. Later, she stayed in Patna and started working in web series. Now I act from Patna to Mumbai. Father aspired to become an actor. His wish was not fulfilled due to poverty. Now I work hard day and night.

Father is confident that his daughter will be named Roshan
Father Shyam Singh said that I was fond of becoming an actor. But because of poverty I could not become an actor. To run the household, I had to work in my own city, but my wish will be fulfilled by my daughter Shivangi. Shivangi has been acting very well since the beginning. Street theater has been with me since childhood. And one day she will become a good actor, I hope.

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