Farah Khan wants to have an affair with Tom Cruise, gossips with Anil Kapoor for 15 minutes in the morning

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In the last episode of 'The Great Indian Kapil Show', Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor came as guests. Here both of them had a lot of fun and made the audience laugh a lot. Along with this, they also shared many interesting things. Kapil Sharma also asked them interesting questions, the answers of which surprised the people.
Comedian Kapil Sharma asked Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor which Hollywood celebrity they would like to be rumored to be dating. Kapil asked, 'Which actor or actress would you not mind if rumors of an affair spread with him? Would you prefer to be happy instead of sad?' Before Anil Kapoor could react to this question, Farah Khan said – anyone. The actor also agreed to this. But when the filmmaker said that it could be a girl from Bollywood, the actor did not agree and said – no, not from Bollywood. After this, Farah Khan also gave her answer and took the name of Tom Cruise.

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Farah Khan wants a relationship with Tom Cruise

Farah Khan said, 'I have permission for my son too.' On this, Archana Puran Singh said that she should take the consent of her husband Shirish and not her son. So Farah said that he always says, go do something. Everyone starts laughing after hearing this. At the same time, the filmmaker and choreographer also revealed that she gossips with Anil Kapoor for 15 minutes every morning.

Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor gossiping

Farah Khan said, 'Every day early in the morning we gossip with each other for 15 minutes.' So Anil Kapoor said that it means we praise everyone. After this Farah revealed that after those 15 minutes the actor becomes a saint. Then he starts praising everyone. Then he feels like he is a wicked person who constantly complains about everyone and the actor is good because he praises him.

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