Fact Check: The claim of 98 Muslim candidates becoming MPs in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections is fake

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: After the results of the Lok Sabha elections were released, a long message is going viral on social media, which is being shared with the communal claim that about 98 Muslim Lok Sabha MPs have been elected from four states – West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and a union territory Puducherry. However, Newschecker found in its investigation that the viral claim is fake. In this Lok Sabha election, 24 Muslim Lok Sabha MPs have been elected from across the country, out of which 6 are from West Bengal, 3 from Kerala, 1 from Tamil Nadu, 1 from Assam. Actually, the results of Lok Sabha elections 2024 have been declared on 4 June 2024. In this election, the BJP-led NDA has got 292 seats. At the same time, the All India Alliance including Congress has got 234 seats. 17 seats have gone to the account of others.

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Long viral messages It has been claimed that about 37 Muslim Lok Sabha MPs have been elected from West Bengal. 22 Muslim MPs have been elected from Assam, 5 from Tamil Nadu and about 23 from Kerala. Apart from this, AMH Nazim has also been elected MP from Puducherry. Apart from this, some more text is also present in this message, which reads 'If after reading this entire list you have no worries about the future, then perhaps you are also a wolf hidden among Hindus. If the pigeon closes its eyes, the cat does not run away.'

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Fact Check

While investigating the viral message, NewsChecker did a separate investigation of the states mentioned in it. In its investigation, NewsChecker first investigated West Bengal. Election Commission Website According to the results released on the website, out of 42 Lok Sabha seats, only 6 Muslim MPs have been elected, out of which Yusuf Pathan from Baharampur, SK Nurul Islam from Basirhat, Khalilur Rahman from Jangipur, Abu Tahir Khan from Murshidabad, Sajda Ahmed from Uluberia have been elected on Trinamool Congress ticket. Apart from this, Isha Khan Choudhary has been elected on Congress ticket from Malda South. You can see this in the pictures given below.

After this, we investigated the claim related to Assam. During this, we found that out of the total 14 seats in Assam, only Congress' Muslim candidate Rakibul Hasan has been elected MP from Dhubri seat.


Out of the total 39 seats in Tamil Nadu, Navasakani has been elected MP from only one seat, Ramanathapuram, on the ticket of Indian Union Muslim League. He has defeated independent candidate and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Panneerselvam.


Apart from this, Newschecker also investigated the claim about Kerala and found that out of the total 20 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala, only three Lok Sabha seats have Muslim MPs elected. Of these, ET Mohammed Basheer from Mallapuram seat and Dr MP Abdussamad Samdani from Pannani seat have been elected on Muslim League tickets. Apart from this, another MP Shafi Parambil has been elected from Vadakara on a Congress ticket.


While no Muslim MP has been elected from the Puducherry Lok Sabha seat, VE Vaithilingam of the Congress has been elected.


During the investigation some such facts were found News Report According to the report, a total of 78 Muslim candidates contested in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, out of which only 24 candidates won, whereas last time 26 Muslim MPs were elected to the Lok Sabha.


In the investigation so far, it has become clear that the claim being made in the viral message is fake. Only 24 Muslim candidates have been elected MPs in the current Lok Sabha elections. After this, when the names present in the viral message were also investigated, it was found that all these are the list of Muslim MLAs elected in the assembly elections of four states Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Tamil Nadu held in the year 2021. First of all, when the list of West Bengal was investigated, it was found that all the 37 names present in it are of the MLAs elected in the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections. You can understand this through the pictures given below. (The figures present in the picture are of West Bengal Legislative Assembly Website Was taken from.)


Similarly, when we looked at the list of Assam, we found that these are the names of Muslim candidates elected as MLAs in the 2021 assembly. (The figures shown in this picture are also of Assam assembly.) Website Was taken from.)


Also check the Tamil Nadu list below. (Data source: Tamil Nadu Election Commission) Website,


On the other hand, on checking the list of Kerala, it is clear that these are the names of Muslim MLAs elected from various parties in 2021. (The data is taken from the website of Kerala Legislative Assembly.)


Just like that Puducherry List See actual details below.



The evidence found in Newschecker's investigation makes it clear that the viral claim of 98 Muslim candidates being elected as MPs in the current Lok Sabha elections is fake.


(This story was originally published by NewscheckerAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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