Fact Check: Is Rahul Gandhi standing with the female security guard who slapped Kangana? Know the truth of the viral picture

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: A shocking incident has come to light related to Bollywood actress and BJP MP from Mandi seat Kangana Ranaut. A female security guard has been accused of slapping her. This entire incident came to light recently at Amritsar airport. The name of the female security guard who slapped her is Kulwinder Kaur. After this incident, a picture is going viral on social media. In which it is being claimed that Rahul Gandhi is standing with Kulwinder Kaur, the female security guard who slapped Kangana Ranaut. However, this claim was found to be fake during investigation. Investigation revealed that the viral picture is not of Kulwinder Kaur, but of former Rajasthan MLA Divya Mahipal Maderna.

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what is the claim

Actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut, elected from Mandi seat of Himachal Pradesh, was allegedly slapped by CISF woman constable Kulwinder Kaur on 6 June 2024. Kulwinder Kaur said that she was extremely angry with Kangana Ranaut's statement in which she called the women involved in the farmers' movement money bringers. After this incident, CISF suspended Kulwinder Kaur and started investigating the matter. Meanwhile, a picture went viral in which a woman is seen standing with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. There is a red circle over this woman. The woman seen in the picture was said to be Kulwinder Kaur.

I am sharing the viral picture as caption It is written in it, 'This is the same Kulwinder Kaur who attacked Kangana Ranaut. By looking at this picture, you must have understood the whole story before and after that.'

Fact Check

To verify the viral claim, Newschecker did a reverse image search and found the photo on the Instagram account of Divya Mahipal Maderna, former MLA from Osian seat in Rajasthan. 14 February 2024 Uploaded. In the meantime another pic Uploaded.

The caption in both the pictures reads, 'Hearty congratulations to the most respected Mrs. Sonia Gandhi ji, who resigned from the post of Prime Minister in the Rajasthan Assembly today, on filing her nomination papers as the Congress Party's Rajya Sabha candidate from Rajasthan. Mr. Rahul Gandhi ji and Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi ji, who accompanied her, were also welcomed.'

After this, when we furthered our investigation, we found From Divya Maderna's ex account 14 February 2024 The viral photo was also present in this post. The caption of the photo stated that this photo was taken during Sonia Gandhi's nomination as a Rajya Sabha candidate from Rajasthan.

Divya Maderna was elected MLA from Osian assembly seat in the 2018 Rajasthan assembly elections but faced defeat in the 2023 assembly elections.


The evidence found in the Newschecker investigation clearly shows that the woman seen with Rahul Gandhi is not Kulwinder Kaur but former MLA Divya Maderna. Investigation revealed that the woman seen with Rahul Gandhi is Divya Maderna. She shared this picture on her Instagram and X account on 14 February 2024.

(This story was originally published by NewscheckerAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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