Fact Check: Are Muslims visiting Rajputs' houses in Western UP and doing obscene acts? Know the truth of the viral video

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The results of the Lok Sabha elections have come out. The Modi government has been formed again in the country. Meanwhile, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which some people are seen doing obscene acts. The video is being shared with the claim that this is a video from Western UP, where Muslim people are going to the houses of Rajputs and abusing them and doing obscene acts. In our investigation, this video turned out to be fake, which is being shared with a false claim.

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What is in the viral video?
The video going viral on social media is about one minute long. In this video some people are seen dancing and doing obscene acts. Some people are also seen raising slogans in the video. (Obscene scenes are present in the video.)

The caption of the video claims, 'After the victory in Western UP, Muslim people are going to the houses of Rajputs and abusing their mothers and sisters and making obscene gestures.'

How was the video fact checked?
To verify the video, we took a closer look at it and focused on what was visible in it. We noticed a large logo with Ambanagari written on it in the video.

After this, we searched related keywords on Google, which showed that this place is located in Amravati, Maharashtra. Google Street View The logo of the viral video was also visible.

When related keywords were searched on Google based on this information, RCN Digital A video is going viral on a YouTube channel named. This video was uploaded on 7 June 2024. In the video, it was told that during the rally organized after the victory of Congress candidate Balwant Baswant Wankhede from Amravati Lok Sabha constituency, some people made indecent and obscene gestures near Rajkamal Chowk.

After the video surfaced, Amravati police have registered a case against 25 people under several sections including section 294 of IPC. Police have also arrested seven people, a statement of a police officer is also present in the video.

In this case, Amravati Kotwali Police also admitted that this video is from Amravati and till now seven people have been arrested in this case.

Our investigation revealed that the viral video is not from Western UP but from Amravati, but it is being shared on social media with a misleading claim.

(This story was originally published by NewscheckerAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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