Everyone should be prepared, make an action plan for the heat wave… Health Minister JP Nadda issued an advisory amid the scorching heat

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New Delhi: In view of the scorching heat in many states of the country including the capital Delhi, the health department has become alert. Union Health Minister JP Nadda on Wednesday reviewed the heat wave situation and the preparations of central government hospitals. Nadda directed the officials to ensure that all hospitals are ready to provide better care to the affected people. He also ordered that special units be started in central government-run hospitals in view of the scorching heat. Earlier this month, the Center had urged the states and union territories to implement fire and electrical safety measures in all health facilities and set up special rooms etc. for those sick due to scorching heat. Let us tell you what instructions have been given to the nodal officers of the states in view of the temperature and heat wave in the coming days.

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Every district should have an action plan
The Health Ministry has directed the states that every district officer should prepare an action plan for the prevention and management of heat wave. Prepare an action plan for each city and area according to its heat index. Along with this, the states have also been directed to hold a meeting with the state and district task force on climate change and human health.

Keep an eye on heat waves and heat stroke deaths
The Health Ministry has said that all states should also report data on deaths due to heat stroke-related diseases. From March 1, 2024, data on heat stroke deaths should be submitted on the IHIP portal. At the same time, the advisory states that the information about the forecast issued by the Meteorological Department after 4 pm every day should reach the people. Issue health advice from time to time to make people aware of the precautions to be taken to prevent heat stroke.

People should be made aware to avoid heat stroke
The advisory states that community health workers should be trained about heat stroke prevention measures and awareness so that through them common people can become aware about heat stroke. Basic information about first aid etc. should reach people to avoid it. ORS packets, essential medicines, IV fluids, ice packs and other equipment to avoid heat stroke should be procured and purchased in sufficient quantity. Hospitals should have emergency facilities to treat heat stroke patients and AC ambulances should also be arranged or procured.

Avoid going out in the afternoon

When organizing mass events or sports events in the summer season, all necessary preparations should be made to avoid heat wave by talking to the health department and local administration. Check the heat wave forecast before organizing any mass event. Avoid days when there is a heat wave warning. Avoid planning outdoor events during the hottest time of the day, between 12 noon and 3 pm. If organizing an event, ensure adequate water and a cool place to sit.

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