Even after love marriage people cheat on their partners, but why?

Ananya Shroff
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no happiness in the relationship

It is often seen that in the beginning people fall in love with each other's every word, every mistake and every way, but when those lovers get married, their love starts decreasing after living together. Some start getting angry at someone's words while others just keep finding flaws in the other. In such a situation, if someone is unable to find happiness in his relationship, then he looks for love outside, which is called extra marital affair.

For adventure

Some people cheat on their partners just because they find it adventurous. Even after being married, they talk to many boys or girls and stay in relationships, which they find cool. Such people think that no one will be able to catch them and they will make relationships with anyone.

To satisfy sexual desires

To satisfy sexual desires

The most common reason for cheating on a partner is that people turn to someone else to satisfy their sexual desires. Everyone's hormones work differently, so some people get satisfaction in a short time and some do not.

In such a situation, when those needs are not fulfilled by their partner, people cheat on their partner and make a relationship with someone else and fulfill their sexual desires.

Lack of spark in the relationship

Lack of spark in the relationship

Many relationship experts believe that there should always be a spark in a relationship, like you can go on a trip with your partner, go on an adventure with them, go on a date every month, etc.

This keeps the relationship interesting. But if this spark ends, the relationship becomes boring and if your partner finds the same spark in someone else, the possibility of cheating increases.

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