Emergency, talk of constitution… PM Modi did not mention them without reason, this is the lesson of 24

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The first session of the 18th Lok Sabha has begun. On Monday, the opposition parties, especially the Congress and Samajwadi Party MPs, were trying to tell something inside the Lok Sabha. Looking at the MPs, it seemed that whatever they had tried to tell during the elections, they are continuing it even after the elections. The opposition party MPs reached the Parliament with a copy of the Constitution. Even during the elections, the opposition parties had said that if the BJP comes to power, they will change the Constitution. They will end reservation. The BJP also suffered losses in the elections, especially in UP. In UP, the SP created history by winning 37 seats. The Congress-SP alliance got a total of 43 seats. In this Lok Sabha election, the SP became the third largest party in the country. Its effect was also seen in the Lok Sabha today when the SP MPs got the first row to sit in the House. While the opposition parties reached the Parliament with a copy of the Constitution, PM Modi made a special mention of June 25 at the beginning of the session.

Prime Minister Modi mentioned the emergency

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also aware of what happened in this election. The opposition is constantly attacking PM Modi. Perhaps Prime Minister Modi also knows with what preparations the opposition has come today. That is why while addressing the media just before the session started, he said something that the Congress did not like. The Prime Minister called the Emergency a black spot on democracy and said that on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the countrymen should take a pledge that no one will ever dare to take such a step in India again.

Tomorrow is 25 June. For those who are dedicated to the dignity of the Constitution of this country, those who are loyal to the democratic traditions of India… 25 June is an unforgettable day for them. Tomorrow, 25 June marks the 50th anniversary of that dark spot on India's democracy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi made a special mention of the Constitution
PM Modi said that the new generation of India will never forget how the Constitution of the country was completely denied at that time, the country was turned into a prison and democracy was completely suppressed. He said that these 50 years of emergency are about this resolution. While protecting our Constitution with pride… while protecting the democratic traditions of India… the countrymen will take a pledge that no one will ever dare to do such a thing in India which was done 50 years ago and a black spot was put on democracy. Emergency was declared in the country on 25 June 1975 and it continued till 21 March 1977. This period is seen as a ruthless suppression of civil liberties. During this period, the leaders who opposed this move of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi were arrested.

Emergency 50 years ago, what did Congress say?
Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the Prime Minister mentioned the Emergency of 50 years ago, but forgot the 'undeclared emergency' of the last 10 years which people have ended in this Lok Sabha election. He also said that the country expected that the Prime Minister would speak on important issues like paper leak in NEET and other examinations on the first day of the Parliament session, but he remained silent. Kharge said that Prime Minister Modi spoke more than necessary in his formal address today. This is called, the rope has burnt, but the strength is not lost. On the opposition's protest, Rahul Gandhi said that the attack on the Constitution by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah is not acceptable, so we are holding copies of the Constitution.

The struggle will continue within the Parliament
Looking at the scene of the first day in the Parliament complex, it is likely that this session will be quite tumultuous. The All India Alliance may be in the opposition, but it is repeatedly being said from its side that PM Modi has lost. The enthusiasm of other opposition parties including Congress has increased a lot due to the Lok Sabha election results. Prime Minister Modi also knows that he is the target of the opposition. The things he said today were not without reason. This is the first session after the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 and no one can deny that the impact of the results will be seen from time to time in the coming times.

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