Emergency imposed in the country from today… When this voice was heard on the radio, Nitish and Lalu jumped into the river

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This is the story of Falgu river

According to the story, Lord Rama went to the Falgu river to perform the Pind Daan of King Dasharath. Then Rama went to the city with Lakshman to get the material. They got late in getting the material and due to this the time for Pind Daan was passing. Then Mother Sita was sitting on the banks of the Falgu river. Then Dasharath ji appeared before her and said that the time for Pind Daan is passing, quickly perform my Pind Daan.

When Mother Sita cursed

Then Devi Sita made a pind (a type of sand) from sand and offered it to the Phalgu river, Akshay Vat, a Brahmin, Tulsi and Gaumata as witnesses. When Ram and Lakshman arrived, she and Akshay Vat told them everything. But Phalgu river did not say anything, then Sita Mata got angry and cursed the Phalgu river. Since then this river flows underground, it is also called Bhu-Salila.

A fair is held here during Pitru Paksha

A fair is held here during Pitru Paksha

The importance of this pilgrimage site has been described in Garuda Purana. This pilgrimage site is also called Mokshabhoomi. A fair is held here during Pitru Paksha. Apart from Hindus, Gaya pilgrimage site is also a holy place for Buddhists. Bodh Gaya is also called the land of Lord Buddha.

Here you get freedom from ancestral debt

Here you get freedom from ancestral debt

In Vayu Purana, it is said about Gaya Tirtha that by performing Shraddha, sins like killing a Brahmin, theft etc. are eradicated. Performing Shraddha-Tarpan of your ancestors in Gaya during Pitru Paksha liberates you from Pitra Debt. Lord Vishnu himself resides in Gaya as Pitra Devta, hence this place is also called Pitra Tirtha.

How to reach Falgu River?

How to reach Falgu River?

By Train: The easiest way to reach Gaya is by train. Gaya Junction itself is a major railway station, from where trains are available to all major cities of India. If you are coming from elsewhere, you can also catch a train from Patna Junction. Patna is connected to all major cities of the country and metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

By Road: If you prefer to travel by road, Gaya is also an easily accessible city. Gaya is located on the GT Road connecting major cities of North India. Gaya is well connected to cities like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Hazaribagh, Kolkata, Varanasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Delhi and Amritsar.

By Air: Gaya also has its own international airport, which is connected to major cities of India. Not only this, Gaya is also connected to foreign cities like Colombo, Bangkok, Singapore and Paro. You can also land at Patna airport and from there take a taxi or bus or train to reach Gaya.

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